Week 27 June 30 - July 4

Completed tasks:

Installed most services on Linux machine.

Installed UTP wiring for the workplaces (5 for us + the card machines)

Started web pages for the center and added example projects.

Short introduction to MAC OS and apps

Introduced emacs with html-helper-mode as web authoring environment

Started work on museum leaflet and tour

Demoed and started training with QTVR

Collected some information on copyright

Downloaded VRML2 player for PC

Paperless office
  We want the DDC to be as paperless as possible.
  Rutines for digitizing administrative documents that come in.
  (digital time registration sheets made)

Completed example of interactive satellite  imagery of Ras
  Beirut. (Imagery contributed to Al Mashriq by SPIN-2)

Transferrable to week 28:

Digitize map for campus tour and begin planning the tour.
 (to be modified by graphic designer for incorporation into web pages)

Select material from special archives (Jafet Library)

Search for information on similar operations (ddc)

Copyright work continues

Backup routines