Week 29 July 14 - 18

Completed tasks

BL/WA Testrun of poster photographs done. 
   The best results are obtained by working indoors in the Jafet Library
   Special Archives with artifical lamps, ordinary negative film and
   an 80.a blue filter. We had hoped to use natural daylight in order
   to record the posters in their "natural environment", but the variations
   in light intensity across the total area was too great and not
   easily controllable. In addition the hot working conditions were
   producing amounts of perspiration that would threaten the posters

WA Backup routines established.

WA Finish adding detailed pictures to 1928 yearbook

BL Background information on guidelines.

PA Picture texts to Moore Collection thumbnails completed.

MB New version of Al Mashriq running, updated the Green Line some of the things
      Installed and started 2 virtual webservers (ddc and Al Mashriq)

BL Sample project on Solar disinfection of drinking water installed.
   Meeting held with Dr. Aftim Acra and assistants.

MB Museum tour and other material on hold (images promised from Leyla Badre.
   Permission for photography in museum postponed until September when
   the museum reopens).

PA Worked on campus tour training QTVRs

MB Checked availability of QTVR 2.0 plugin and/or viewers for Mac and

BL Checked availability of Cosmoplayer or plugin for VRML 2 on Mac (at

Campus tour mapping on hold til training QTVRs work.

Transferrable to week 30:

WA Contact Armand Krikorian (Beep 896 or voice paging) for Medical
   Students Home Page.

WA/BL Copyright work continues

PA Add information to Ras Beirut satellite images.

970714/970721 bl

(Patrick Abisalloum, Wissam Adib, Marwan Badran, Barre Ludvigsen)