Week 31 July 28 - August 1

Completed tasks

BL/PA Adobe has requested a correct Illustrated version of the
      Lebanese flag. We need to find the official specs either
      in the Jafet library or from the ministry of Information.
      The flag is a good exercise in creating digitized files
      on the PS standard and will be a concise and illustrative
      addition to the DDC-server.

      The information office is attempting to obtain official
      information on the flag for us.

BL    Continued work on format of technical guidlines for ddc.

WA    Contact Armand Krikorian (Beep 896 or voice paging) for Medical
      Students Home Page.

      Still trying to get in contact with Krikorian.

WA/BL Copyright work continued

BL/WA Sample project on Solar Disinfection of Drinking Water.
   Worked on form for presentation of pages.
   Scaned (OCR) rest of english text papers.

MB Install and document usage of QTVR2 player for Windows.
   The news from Apple appears to be "wait for QTVR 3" in

PA Finished adding place information to the interactive Ras Beirut

PA Guided tour QTVR training continues. Atempt to adjust vertical
   alignment of camcorder.

   It turns out that the SONY camcorder has a tripod socket fixed
   to the plastic bottom of the camera case and has to be adjusted
   manually for true vertical position. Fixed with some folded

MB Cleaned up and relink Al Mashriq to AUB front page.
   Fixed search engine.

MB Start work on doing object QTVR's as test illustrations for
   Pathology teaching. We need to find some form of turntable for
   rotating objects and some black felt cloth as backdrop.

   Patrick has obtained a broken office chair for the purpose.
   A sketch has been made for modifications.

BL/WA Continue photographing posters in Special Archives.
      145 posters photographed. The rest will wait until
      the results of the PhotoCD burning arrive.

BL Started planning time and format of seminar series.

Transferrable to next week

BL   Investigate copyright releases from original publishers
     (UNICEF and IDRC)

MB   QTVR objects

PA   Campus tour, flag, emblems.

WA   Solar disinfection (arabic)

970728/970804 bl

(Patrick Abisalloum, Wissam Adib, Marwan Badran, Barre Ludvigsen)