Week 35 August 25 - August 29

Completed tasks

PA/MB Guided tour QTVR developing.

PA   Continue work on Illustrator versions of AUB faculty emblems.

BL/MB  Select slides from Dr. Nasif's collection.
       Dr. Nasif is back in Beirut in the middle of September at
       which time the slides will be selected.

BL    Met with:
      Mustafa Chabani (Next Vision)
        Transferred sample pages of Ministry of Tourism images for web.
        He will attempt to get MOT clearance for a web version
        of the image archive to be published in searchable form at AUB.

      Dr. Zaatari (AUH pathology)
        Discussed digital imaging systems and information server.

      Dr. Kibbeh  (AUH dermatology)
        Dermatology will contribute 2 articles and ca. 100 sample
        pages of slides and case descriptions at the end of September
        for teaching purposes.

BL/PA Adobe has requested a correct Illustrated version of the
      Lebanese flag. 
      The information office is attempting to obtain official
      information on the flag for us. They have received nothing
      useful from the MOT of MOI and have now contacted Baabda

BL   Digitized sample audio tape for oral history project. The
     tape has a lot of hiss and requires som work before the
     result is acceptable in Real Audio form. It would seem that
     digitizing on to Audio CD first fr archiving and then encoding
     for publishing.

BL   Enhanced part of the first series of political posters.

BL   Recruited more students for individual projects.
       Nader Daou will take over the political posters project.
       He already works at the library and has photographic experience.
WA    On sick leave

MB/PA Exams.

Transfer to week 36
BL   Continue work on technical guidelines for ddc.

WA/BL Copyright work continues
      AUB Publishing agreement: try converting for digital publishing.

BL/WA Sample project on Solar Disinfection of Drinking Water.
      Continue on IRDC publication for constant flow system and
      finish Arabic version of practical guidlines from UNICEF
      Investigating UNICEF release from Beirut office.

BL    Gross specimens from pathology.
      QTVR project for teaching continues.

970818/970902 bl

(Patrick Abisalloum, Wissam Adib, Marwan Badran, Barre Ludvigsen)