Week 41 October 6 - 10

Work in progress / completed

BL/WA Still out of disk space waiting for more disk and memory.
      New disk has apparently and will be installed next week.

BL/PA/MK Guided tour.

      Continue quided tour, maps, interaction and plan for color

      Michael Zeitani recruited to do photographs for the guided tour
      nodes and buildings.

BL    Worked on VRML model of campus

MK    Scaned negatives and slides

WA    Convert and set up policies in cooperation with Internal Audit.

BL    Held introductory lecture on internetworking and WWW for the two
      graduate assistants working on policies for IA.

MB    Worked on the Lebanese medical bibliography converting the database

BL    Investigate scanning options of large (1000 page) medical manuscript.
      In discussion with Library of Congress.

BL/PA Still waiting for news from information office on official Lebanese

BL    Complete amber fossil pages.
      Visited Aftim Acra who contributed more information on amber.

BL    Met with biology department to photograph a small specimen collection
      and made some test images.

BL    Announced and circulated call for volunteers for a series of
      self-contained projects to the students that showed their
      interest after previous announcement. Students reported for geology,
      dermatology and photography.

ND/BL Nader resumed poster photography in Special Archives

BL    Met shortly with Leila Musfi for graphic design student and
      standarization of pages along with stationary. Will pick up
      next week.

BL    Met with Helga Seeden and discussed possibilities for a CD-ROM /
      Web project on the Beirut excavations.

Students have begun classes and the ID card project has moved in. The students
are sorting out their schedules and hopefully will settle down next week.
The ID card project however, has honored us with the prospect of printing
1500 cards on their noisy printers - which, together with telephone calls
and various comings and goings, bodes for an "entertaining" fall.

971007/971014 bl

(Patrick Abisalloum, Wissam Adib, Marwan Badran, Nader Daou, Mazen Khattab, Barre Ludvigsen)