Week 42 October 13 - 17

Work in progress / completed

BL/WA Still out of disk space waiting for more disk and memory.
      An additional 2G disk mounted monday and memory to be mounted

BL/PA/MK Guided tour.

      Continue quided tour, maps, interaction.
      Photography starts this week?

BL    Work on VRML model of campus
      The model is taking shape. Terrain completed and buildings with links
      being added.

MK    Scan negatives and slides

BL    Gross specimens from pathology.
      QTVR project for teaching continues.

WA    Convert and set up policies in cooperation with Internal Audit. 

MB    Work on the Lebanese medical bibliography

BL    Investigate scanning options of large (1000 page) medical manuscript
      with LOC.

BL/PA Still waiting for news from information office on official Lebanese

BL   Complete amber fossil pages.

BL    Photograph a small specimen collection at the natural history museum
      of the biology department.

BL   Clean up and arrange amber pages.

BL/MB Material from dermatology.

BL   Continue work on technical guidelines for ddc.

ND/BL Continue poster photography in Special Archives

BL   Select Dr. Nasif's slides for scanning

BL/WA 16mm film from South Lebanon - obtain 16mm projector and test conversion
      to digital tape. Still no student volunteer.

BL   Political research papers. Dr. Nizar Hamzeh has promised to call last week.

BL   Dr. Hamadeh still needs to identify his slides.

BL   Plan seminars.

WA/BL Copyright work continues
      AUB Publishing agreement: try converting for digital publishing.

BL   Meet with Leila Musfi for graphic design student and standarization of
     pages along with stationary.

BL   Meet with Helga Seeden for archaeology project.

BL   Contact Mustafa Chabbani for digitizing maps. (Permission received
      from MOT.)

BL   Get pictures from museum for museum page.

971013 bl

(Patrick Abisalloum, Wissam Adib, Marwan Badran, Nader Daou, Mazen Khattab, Barre Ludvigsen)