Week 44 October 27 - 31

Work in progress / completed

BL/PA/MK Guided tour.

      Continued quided tour, maps, interaction.
      Redoing front page. Improving interaction on feedback from the
      exhibition last week.

BL    Working on VRML model of campus
      Complete the rest of the buildings and improve lighting.
      Modelshop beta 3 has expired and fixes for converting VRML1 to 2
      will have to be arranged.

MK    Typing up the arabic trascritions of the oral history project example.

WA    Set up an interface for the bird register at the biology department.

WA    Worked on pictures of insect collection from biology.

MB    Worked on the Lebanese medical bibliography

ND/BL Continued poster photography in Special Archives
      Nader finished photography

BL   Digital report from the bomb site by the faculty apartment buildings.

971029/971103 bl

(Patrick Abisalloum, Wissam Adib, Marwan Badran, Nader Daou, Mazen Khattab, Barre Ludvigsen)