Projects for the winter of 1998

    1. Update ddc/index.html page

      Do not include pages that need authorization.

    2. Update administrative workplans on DDC.

      Plans are not necessary, but update what work has been done each week for documentation purposes.

    3. BEY006

      Stay in touch with BL for digitiizing of deliverables. BL will be working on VRML reconstruction.

      Help with documenting the BEY006 slide collection.

    4. Berytus and archaeology

      Back issues of Berytus. Finish volume I and return to HS by hand. Continue with volume 8.

      Digitize further articles from volume 34, 1991 (H. Sader, Tye, Ward, Scarabs, etc.)

    5. Campus Tour

      Test NO JAVA (PLAIN) versjon and have it updated on layla

      Do new panoramas and update/add information on buildings.

    6. Herbarium and flora

      Help biology with scanning and later generating html.

    7. Political Science

      Finish the articles we have and request more from Nizar Hamzeh if needed.

    8. Economics and business

      Request material from Dr. Hassan Ghazili. Generate html on the same lines as political studies. Note where copyright releases are necessary.

    9. Nizar Qabbani

      Finish and link in. Get the text of the poems and make pdf.

    10. Architecture

      Fix overview maps.

    11. MOT

      Add texts from the MOT. Develop system for easy maintenance and adding new material.

    12. Saab Medical Library

      Advise on scanning (OCR) Lebanese articles and generating html

      Help with interlinking scanned articles.

      Develope system for maintenace of the bibliography we have

    13. FILM

      Digitize the 16mm film from the south

    14. Move

      Move to Van Dyk. Try to make a central set of tables where the workplaces are facing each other in the middle of the room. Take care of the negative archive - secure a filing cabinet for material.

      Move the whole server (ddc and al mashriq) to layla. Make sure they get their own virtual servers

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