Projects for the spring and summer of 1998

    1. Father Gazelle

      Copy tape and return to Dr. Mary Abu-Saba at Education. Digitize tape and divide along the lines of the Nakadi project. Link to page on Father Gazelle on the Mac.

    2. Aref el Nakadi

      Finish audio CDs. Make cover from the Nakadi page. Deliver html/RA and audio CD's to Jafet Archives by hand.

    3. Political posters

      Return PhotoCDs to Jafet Archives. Correct mistakes in letter from AF and make an english version of the page and link to thumbnail groups accoding to list sent by AF. Burn CD of html and jpeg files on DDC and deliver to AF at Jafet Archives.

    4. Environmental Lab

      Demonstrate pages for environmental lab for approval. And send them on to Romy A for further authoring when they need it.

    5. Update ddd/index.html page

      Do not include pages that need authorization.

    6. Update administrative workplans on DDC.

      Plans are not necessary, but update what work has been done each week for documentation purposes.

    7. Arabic music concert

    8. Population studies

      Credit the source journals on the pages

    9. BEY006

      Put a browsable (only) for use in England.

    10. Berytus and archaeology

      Redo the Berytus 39 supplement with addition of geomorphology from the thesis. Return the thesis to H. Seeden.

      Back issues of Berytus. Finish volume I and return to HS by hand. Continue wit volume 2.

      Digitize further articles from volume 34, 1991 (H. Sader, Tye, Ward, Scarabs, etc.)

    11. Campus Tour

      Incorporate the panorama from the clock tower, remove the temporary label on the front page and link in the NO JAVA version at the top of the front page. Makes sure it works propoerlay and move to Lalya soon.

    12. Amber

      Credits on drawings. Ask Prf. Acra who did them.

    13. Herbarium and flora

      Complete the digized texts from the flor. Link them to the two examples of the herbarium and return the two books to the Icelandic head of bilogy.

    14. Political Science

      Start scanning the articles. Send me the correct name and address od the publishers so that I can get copyright releases.

    15. Economics and business

      Start work on the papers that will be delivered by Dr. Hassan Ghazili. Note where copyright releases are necessary.

    16. Adel Oseirran

      Digitize the material from the information office. A tpe will be coming as well. Digitize as appropriate.

    17. Nizar Qabbani

      A tape from Future TV will be provided by the information office. Digitize as appropriate and try to accompany with written material (poems). Credits on the bottom of each page with link to Future TV.

    18. Sayed Mohammad Hassan Fadlallah

      As above - a tape from the information office. The voice is primary , so intersperse the audio with stills to reduce file sizes.

    19. Architecture

      Complete the slide libarary prototype. Ask architecture if they want them only on the intranet and do not put on layla before the answer is clear.

    - Barre Ludvigsen 980528

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