Week 98-20 / May 11 - 15


WA     Prepare CDs for MOT and NextVision
WA     Slide library from Architecture
RA     Guidelines
BL     Political Science / Middle East Studies
BL     Arabic Calligraphy
WA     MOT Pictures ?
BL/MB     Berytus
WA     Music concert
WA/RA/MB     web structure
MB     Prepare audio CD for Jafet
BL     Master "postcards pictures" for HS
BL/WA  Population studies
PA     Political posters
MB     Berytus CD
BL     Economics
BL     Meetings and presentations

Completed tasks:

BL met with Nabil and Mustapha
BL advised math students
BL advised archaeology students
BL met with Haddadin, librarians and Nabil
WA     MOT Pictures ?
BL/MB     Berytus
BL met with Nizar Hamzeh
BL met with Hassan El-Ghaziri
BL met with Evironmental Science Lab
MB     Berytus CD
BL presentation for Education
PA population studies
BL Post Flora
BL Herbarium


BL 980511/980519

(Patrick Abisalloum, Wissam Adib, Marwan Badran, Mazen Khattab,
 Romy Aslan, Barre Ludvigsen)