Week 98-50 / December 14 - 18

WA-MB Nizar Qabbani
      - main page and link in completed stuff

MB    Campus model
      - convert terrain to VRML elevation grid for efficiency

WA    Architecture slides


PN-MB Berytus vol. 8:
      - scan and digitize the volume.

MB-RA Start moving projects on layla/lara


PN    - all PS articles

MB    - Archaeology: PCDs database, search engine

MB    - Saab Medical Library: database tools

MB    - Berytus vol. 1, completely digitized

WA-MB - finished digitizing Qabbani movies.

MB 981214/981218

(Patrick Abisalloum, Wissam Adib, Marwan Badran, 
 Barre Ludvigsen, Philippe Nahas)