Report based on the meeting held on thursday December 18th 1997

  1. Incomplete Projects

    Ministry of Tourism - Picture Archive
    • Creating a web interface for 12000 pictures

    JAFET Library - Oral History
    • Digitize Aref El Nakadi's interview(Sound and text around 44 pages)
    • Put it on a CD (Audio CD for the sound and Normal CD for the text)
    Contact person : Ms Asma Fathallah

    JAFET Library - Political Posters
    • Check the missing posters and solve the numbering problem
    • Create a web interface (364 posters)
    Contact person : Ms Asma Fathallah

    Biology Dept - Natural History
    • Identify the Insects
    • Add pictures for the birds
    Contact person : Ms Khouzama Knio

    Department of Architecture - Surveys of buildings
    • Continue working on the web interface, linking each building to images illustrating the plans for the floors, the elevation ...
    Contact person : Prof Marwan Ghandour

    Department of Architecture - Slide Library
    • Slides and Maps from different regions in Lebanon
      Same Interface as for the MOT project
    Contact person : Prof Marwan Ghandour

    AUB Campus - Tour
    • Get information on the buildings (Mr Ibrahim Khoury)
    • Rescan the panoramas for better results
    • Take new photographs and panoramas (Mr Richard Saad - Architecture)
    • Fill in the missing information and files

    • Revise the Copyright Document

    Archeology Dept - Berytus
    • Leave it to Barry

  2. Future Projects

    SAAB Medical Library
    Digitize a 1593 medical book of around 1000 pages, written by Ibin Sina; put is on CDs (around 10).
    Contact person : Ms Hilda Nassar

    JAFET Library
    Digitize the BUSTANY encyclopedia

    Pathology Dept
    More fetuses, hearts ...
    Contact persons : Mr Christian Awaraji - Mr Zaatary

    Dermatology Dept
    Series of images and explanatory text
    Contact person : Dr Kibbih

    Geology Dept
    Digitize geological maps of lebanon (20 copies of them left)
    Contact person : Mr. Christopher Wally (Might be leaving)

    Biology Dept
    Find out what they have on insects, animals, fish ...

    Mental health
    See what's interesting

    Thesis Bibliography

    Dr Nassif's pictures of Lebanon

    Arabic Dept
    Recorded Dialects?
    Material of historical interest ...
    (Leave it to Barry)

    Political Science, Social Studies, Centre for Middle East Studies
    (Leave them to Barry)

    Museum Tour
    Leave it.
    Contact person : Ms Layla Bader

  3. Storage

    • Put the film Ring Binders on rails
    • Send CDs of each project to the owner
    • Do Pemanent Backup Tapes every each end of year

  4. Additional Equipement

    • Circular polarizing filter for masking light reflection
    • Nikon F2 motordrive 55 mm micronikkor lens with a release cable
    • Nikon coolscan 1000 with a magazine
    • Sony DV-1000 with a firewire card

Created by the Digital Documentation Center at AUB in collaboration with Al Mashriq of Høgskolen i Østfold, Norway.
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