DDC - Plans of work - progress reports 1999 - Børre Ludvigsen

In view of the changed nature of administration of the DDC, this is a daily diary for Børre Ludvigsen, visiting professor.

    Plans for April - May 1999: The Museum, arrangements for recording talks, concerts, etc., review www.aub.edu.lb, correct errors in MOT and finish the project, complete Nizar Qabani, Ibn-Sina, new panoramas for the campus tour (update on quality and College Hall completion, herbarium, economics, archaeology - BEY006, political science (history basic information, constitution, etc.), arabic, workshops, training of new students.

    Projects 1) initiated, 2) completed or in 3) progress during this stay:

Week Dates Tasks and progress
14 990405
  • 990405: Started work on rebuilding the Mac - the disk is completely fragmented and it has non-reparable FAT error.
    Started redoing some of the tour photographs.
  • 990406: Picture work and QTVR.
    Reformatted and replaced programs on the desktop Mac. Mac 8500/150 install crashed "Bus error, invalid memory reference"
    Meeting with Rim and SML librarians about article scanning.
  • 990407: Meeting with H. Seeden & team.
    QTVR for tour
    Archaeologists met about format of the PCD base.
  • 990408: Dicussion with Nada about DDC work.
    Met Sigurdur Greipsson Biology about herbarium
    QTVR - Repair to tour.
    Training Rima Abdel Latif
  • 990409: Rephotographed 3 panoramas.
    New QTVRs.
15 990412
  • 990412: Repaired and renewed tour pages - adjustments and new images around College Hall.
    Met with students and reviewed what they have done.
  • 990413: Conference on Beirut Archaeology. (Leyla Badre's talk.)
    Training new students
    Sigurdur Greipsson - herbarium
    Discussed workplans with Nada
    Meeting with Nabil.
  • 990414: Workshop anouncement, new disk and memory on mac, training.
    Worked on herbarium with SG, herbarium design and prototype.
  • 990415: Met with Hassan Hassoun.
    Linda Hall Archaeology Conf.
    Met with Hans Curvers at Archaeology Conf.
    Hassan Ghaziri
    Post Herbarium
    Workshop content
    Mac maintenance
  • 990416: Post flora
    tour training Fadi
    pdf training
    MOT images Marwan
    Sig Greipsson
16 990419
18 990503
  • 990503: Meeting Nada
    Meeting Nada, Nabil about ddc-projects
    Training students, training Mario on Archaeology PhotoCD base
  • 990504: Training
    Mustafa Chabbani
    Prepare for workshop
  • 990505: Workshop all day.
  • 990506: Administration
    MOT corrections
    Archaeology PCD direction system
19 990510
  • 990510: UPS problems, ill.
  • 990511: Training, Calligraphy.
  • 990512: Calligraphy, meeting with S. Makarem
  • 990513: Calligraphy, meeting about architecture slides, training, talk at LAU for National Librarians Association (1700 - 1830)
  • 990514: Calligraphy, cleaning up, backup, training, briefing, meeting with G. Tomey.