Special Archives - Jafet Library

The special archives of the Jafet Library contain several collections of archived material that are good subjects for digitization in terms both of digital preservation and ease of retrieval for research.

In several cases, the material is of special interest in that it is eminently representative of AUB's role in both local and regional society.

The following is a selection of subject matter that Special Archives consider to be of interest to have digitally archived:

    The Poster Collection
    Contains ca. 350 political posters from the 1975-90 civil wars in Lebanon. Most of the posters have notes containing the text on the posters and are numbered.

    The posters will be photographed and tranferred to CDs. The recording will take place in daylight conditions for color fidelity and to record in lighting environments similar to those where the posters were hung.

    The Oral History project
    Aproximately 100 audo casette tapes of interviews with 25 eminent speakers of the Arab world. The interviews are transcribed into Arabic.

    Suitable for a demonstration project.

    AUB Catalogue 1972 - present
    Voluminous scanning job.

    "Campus" 1963 - present
    Student yearbooks in 22 volumes. Also a voluminous scanning job that will relieve the job of retrieving the material by hand on ech inquiry. It might be reasoned that this would be an appropriate project for alumni associates.

    "Accessions" 1892 -
    Books aquisitions starting in 1897. The material is important in tracing early aquisitions and should therefore be archived for preservation.

    "Pioneers" is a student publication that very accurately and charmingly reflects much of student life in the first half of this century. Many of the magazines are in handwritten originals.

    College Hall
    Special archives has an extensive collections of articles, video, deeds,historical articles, photographs and memorabilia about College Hall before its dustruction and during construction.

    The subject is ideal for a digital presentation and archival, but requires and author with knowledge of the university's history and an intimate interest in College.

    The President's Report 1867 -
    A voluminous scanning job.

    Photograph collections
    The photographic collections are of special interest in digital archiving because of their uniqueness and iconographic nature. Most of the pictures are however, not numbered and anotated. Until such registration is complete, archiving would be for emergency preservation.

    It's worth noting however, that digitizing might also facilitate registration of the photocollection. The images would be available for viewing, either directly on CD or on the DDC's webserver and registration would be entered directly into the pages on which the photographs appear.

    Faculty Minutes
    A voluminous scanning job.

Created by the Digital Documentation Center at AUB in collaboration with Al Mashriq of Høgskolen i Østfold, Norway.

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