Workshops - Introduction to Digital Publishing
April 22 and May 5, 1999


Digital Documentation Workshops

    • Do you need to publish your research on the World-Wide Web?
    • Do you have colleagues asking for your material over the Internet?
    • Are you wondering how best to present and archive your work?
    • Do you have questions about digital stuff that you’re too embarrassed to ask?

The Digital Documentation Center (DDC) is holding 2 workshops on recording and publishing scholarly material with digital media. The workshops will be targetting faculty and departmental staff that need to begin working on methods of conveying and archiving material for teaching, research and publishing. These workshops are intended for both the technically inclined and neophytes. The only prerequisite is a perceived need to explore digital media as a means of scholarly communication. The size and nature of the sessions will allow for "closed-door" discussions and individual questions.

Participants will be registered on a first-come first-served basis. Each workshop will have room for a maximum of 12 participants. The workshops will take place on:

      Wednesday April 21, 1999
      Wednesday May 5, 1999

at the DDC in room 114 in the Old Pharmacy Building, lasting from 1000 til 1500. The format will be an in-depth lecture based on examples produced by the DDC and other cultural websites on the Internet followed by question-and-answers sessions illustrated with demos.

The workshops are not meant to be courses in digitial publishing, but interactive sessions intended to give in-depth views of various digital media as presently being used in the international academic community.

The sessions will be presented by Barre Ludvigsen assisted by Nada Sbaity el Zein. Ludvigsen is professor of information architecture in Norway and Sbaity is the AUB webmaster.

Registration to Nada Sbaiti El-Zein or ext 2278

The DDC's website is

Participants at the May 5. workshop.


The workshops will present and touch on the following subjects:

Short introduction of myself
Short introduction about what this workshop is about
Short introduction to how it will work

    examples, tools and methods, questions and answers

    finding and using information as examples of digitizing information. Publishing information on the net has unexpected results. Reasonable predictions about the future do become true, but always in different ways.

    • Novels after the printing press
    • Newsmedia press
    • Entertainment media
    One thing that is certain to happen is that our jobs will change. We will have to retrain, and we have to take responsibility for that retraining personally if we intend to maintain any degree of job satisfaction.

Technical stuff:

    Knowledge is knowing, skill is doing, wisdom is getting your message across. Learning by example.
    • the Internet
    • ftp
    • email
    • usenet
    • gopher
    • www (http, html, urls - finding with urls)
    • mbone

    • make a web site with content text, images, sound, movie, 3D

Take your time and go in depth on this stuff - quality but also quantity is important.

  • an example of finding information of general interest food, music, pictures, flowers, women, maps,
  • an example of finding information for research science (amber), health (water), music, fafo, posters
  • an example of using information for teaching
    history, Point IV, posters, occupation maps, tapline, CIA handbook
  • methods of presenting and preserving information
    • structuring
    • images and graphics
    • text types
    • databases
    • data-retrieval
    • animations
    • sound demo sound recording
    • video demo video in
    • VR
    • 3D modelling
  • archiving and publishing
    • permanent media
    • transfering between media
    • MM presentations
    • as medium for print, video, broadcast
    • World-Wide Web
    • other Internet channels
      • usenet
      • mailinglists
      • push
      • multicast
  • legalities
    • permissions
    • copyright
    • audience targetting
    • privacy
  • presentation functionality
  • software systems and choices
  • real time multimedia
  • future challenges
    • changing professions
    • digital books
    • personal movies
    • high speed networks
  • teaching systems
    • interactive teaching
    • distance learning

Created by the Digital Documentation Center at AUB in collaboration with Al Mashriq of Høgskolen i Østfold, Norway.

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