Keybindings for html-helper-mode version 1.34

Note - this list might well not be up to date. Your best bet is to look at the mode help for html-helper-mode, C-hm from within the mode.

Every keysequence here inserts some HTML or HTML+ cookie. The point is then placed where you want to type in the information for that cookie. If you call the command with a prefix argument (by typing C-u first), then instead the cookie is placed around the current region.

Mode bindings

TAB	    indent line
RET         insert newline and indent

M-TAB	    complete tag at point
M-C-f	    move forward one mark
M-C-b	    move backward one mark

M-C-t       insert the timestamp delimiter

Common insertions

M-RET	    html-paragraph	    <p>
C-c-	    html-horizontal-rule    <hr>
C-cC-t#     html-header-#           <h#></h#>

C-cC-al	    html-anchor		    <a href=""></a>

C-cC-lu	    html-unordered-list	    <ul><li></ul>
C-cC-ld	    html-definition-list    <dl><dt><dd></dl>
C-cC-li	    html-smart-insert-item  <li>  or  <dt><dd> depending on context

HTML insertion commands

Every HTML and HTML+ cookie should have an insertion command. These commands can be used in two ways: by typing the beginning of the cookie and hitting M-TAB, for completion, or by typing it's somewhat-mnemonic keybinding.

The keybindings aren't very good - I am constrained by emacs style to binding things only to C-cC-<letter>. Each class of HTML cookie is assigned to some particular C-cC-<letter>, and then within that map different letters insert different cookies.

Prefix      Cookie class
------      ------------
C-cC-b	    head element ("begin")
C-cC-t	    headers ("title" - sorry, C-cC-h has a special meaning in emacs)
C-cC-a	    anchors
C-cC-s	    logical styles ("styles")
C-cC-p	    physical styles
C-cC-l	    lists
C-cC-n	    annotations ("notes")
C-cC-f	    forms
C-cC-i	    images
special	    text elements
special	    entities

Head elements - C-cC-b

key         template                inserted text
---         --------                -------------
t	    html-title		    <title></title>
i	    html-isindex	    <isindex>
n	    html-nextid		    <nextid>
l	    html-link		    <link href="">
b	    html-base		    <base href="">

Headers - C-cC-t

1	    html-header-1	    <h1></h1>
2	    html-header-2	    <h2></h2>
3	    html-header-3	    <h3></h3>
4	    html-header-4	    <h4></h4>
5	    html-header-5	    <h5></h5>
6	    html-header-6	    <h6></h6>
r           table-row               <tr></tr>
d           table-data              <td></td>

Anchors - C-cC-a

n	    html-target-anchor	    <a name=""></a>
l	    html-anchor		    <a href=""></a>

Logical styles - C-cC-s

p	    html-preformatted	    <pre></pre>
b	    html-blockquote	    <blockquote></blockquote>
e	    html-emphasized	    <em></em>
s	    html-strong		    <strong></strong>
c	    html-code		    <code></code>
x	    html-sample		    <samp></samp>
r	    html-citation	    <cite></cite>
k	    html-keyboard	    <kbd></kbd>
v	    html-variable	    <var></var>
d	    html-definition	    <dfn></dfn>
a	    html-address	    <address></address>
q	    html-quote		    <q></q>
n	    html-person		    <person></person>
y	    html-acronym	    <acronym></acronym>
.	    html-abbrev		    <abbrev></abbrev>
m	    html-cmd		    <cmd></cmd>
g	    html-arg		    <arg></arg>
l	    html-lit		    <lit></lit>

Physical styles - C-cC-p

b	    html-bold		    <b></b>
i	    html-italic		    <i></i>
u	    html-underline	    <u></u>
f	    html-fixed		    <tt></tt>
x	    html-strikethru	    <s></s>
^	    html-superscript	    <sup></sup>
_	    html-subscript	    <sub></sub>
r	    html-render		    <render tag="" style="">   

Lists - C-cC-l

o	    html-ordered-list	    <ol><li></ol>
u	    html-unordered-list	    <ul><li></ul>
r	    html-directory	    <dir><li></dir>
m	    html-menu		    <menu><li></menu>
d	    html-definition-list    <dl><dt><dd></dl>
i	    html-smart-insert-item  <li>  or  <dt><dd> depending on context
l           html-item               <li>
t           html-definition-item    <dt><dd>

Annotations - C-cC-n

a	    html-abstract	    <abstract></abstract>
n	    html-note		    <note role=""></note>
f	    html-footnote	    <footnote></footnote>
m	    html-margin		    <margin></margin>
t                table              <table></table>

Forms - C-cC-f

f	    html-form		    <form action=""></form>
t	    html-input-text	    <input name="" size="">
i	    html-input-int	    <input type="INT" name="" size="">
.           html-input-float	    <input type="FLOAT" name="" size="">
d	    html-input-date	    <input type="DATE" name="" size="">
u	    html-input-url	    <input type="URL" name="" size="">
c	    html-input-check	    <input type="CHECKBOX" name="">
r	    html-input-radio	    <input type="RADIO" name="">
g	    html-input-image	    <input type="IMAGE" name="" src="">
s	    html-input-scribble	    <input type="SCRIBBLE" name="" size="">
a	    html-input-audio	    <input type="AUDIO" name="">
b	    html-input-submit	    <input type="SUBMIT" value="">
x	    html-input-reset	    <input type="RESET" value="">
p	    html-input-textarea	    <textarea name="" rows= cols=></textarea>
c	    html-input-select	    <select name=""></select>

Images - C-cC-i

i	    html-image		    <img src="">
t           html-alt-image          <img alt="" src="">
a           html-align-image        <img align="" src="">
e           html-align-alt-image    <img align="" src="" alt="">

Text Elements

M-RET	    html-paragraph	    <p>
C-c-	    html-horizontal-rule    <hr>
C-cRET	    html-break		    <br>


C-c&	    html-ampersand	    &amp;
C-c<	    html-less-than	    &lt;
C-c>	    html-greater-than	    &gt;
C-cSPC	    html-nonbreaking-space  &nbsp;
C-coe       o-slash                 &oslash;
C-caa       a-ring                  &aring;
C-cae       ae-lig                  &aelig;
C-cOE       O-slash                 &Oslash;
C-cAA       A-ring                  &Aring;
C-cAE       AE-lig                  &Aelig;

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