In the year 1931 a Syrian lady, in order to stimulate interest in the antiquities of her own and neighboring countries, and to further the cause of active archeological research, established a &air of Archeology at the American University of Beirut.

The Department of Archeology thus created ventures to add a new archeological periodical to the many already existing, because it is felt that the richness of this country in archeological remains, in addition to the overwhelming mass of new material unearthed since the establishment of the French mandate, gives sufficient justification for a journal specializing in the archeology of Syria. This new publication is named "Berytus", the ancient name of the city in which the American University is now established. It is the sincere hope of the editor that "Berytus" will be able to maintain the high standards set by the two archeological publications already dealing with this particular field, the "Mélanges de I'Université Saint-Joseph" and "Syria", and make some worthy contribution to the knowledge of the ancient civilizations which have left their mark upon Syrian soil.


Beirut, November 1933.


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