UNDER the title The Byzantine Hoard of Lagbe, the American Numismatic Society has published, as No. 105 in its series of Numismatic Notes and Monographs, a catalogue by its late distinguished President Edward T. Newell of a hoard of Byzantine gold coins found in Phrygia, most of which had come into his possession. At the request of Mrs. Newell and pietatis causa, the manuscript was printed just as it left his hand, and unfortunately he had not added to the catalogue an analysis of the contents such as gives so much value to his publication of other hoards. With the hope of partly filling that lack, I offer a few observations.

The hoard consists of 102 gold solidi divided as follows:

Nos. 1-3 Leo III, 717-741 Type III 3
Nos. 4-13 Constantine V, 741-775 Type I, 741-751 10
Nos. 14-29   Type II, after 751 16
No. 30 Leo IV, 775-780 Type I 1
Nos. 31-33   Type II 3
No. 34 Constantine VI and Irene, 780-797 Type I 1
No. 35 Nicephorus I, 802-803   1
Nos, 36-49 Nicephorus I and Stauracius, 803-811   14
Nos. 50-51 Michael I, 811-813   2
No. 52 Leo V, 813-820   1
Nos. 53-61 Leo V and Constantine, 813-820   9
Nos. 62-66 Michael II, 820-429   5
Nos. 67-101 Theophilus, 829-831   35
No. 102 Theophilus and Constantine, 832   1

The description of these coins, which does not concern us here, is, of course, so thoroughly treated in the monograph that there is nothing to add. The types are also described in Wroth's Catalogue of the Imperial Coins in the British Museum (London, 1908) Vol. II and Tolstoi's Monnaies Byzantines (Petrograd, 1914- In Russian). To show the reader their appearance, a selection is illustrated on Plate XII.


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