1. 0. Mich., I, 155

THIS ostracon, which the editor assigns to the second or third century A.D., bears a text of two lines. The second line consists entirely of abbreviations and numerals (pl. IX, i). As printed in 0. Mich., I, the text reads:

In general, nevertheless, Amundsen's transcript recalls rather the beer receipts published in 0. Mich., II, 789-801. In order to facilitate comparison, one of these is here cited in full.

No. 801

No. 155 does not have the imperial year, but it does have the personal name followed by , which may well correspond to in No. 801 . As a rule, the

1. 0. Mich., I = L. Amundsen, Greek Ostraca in the University of Michigan Collection, Mich. Stud., Human. Ser., XXXIV, 1935. 0. Mich., II = Youtie and Pearl, Papyri and Ostraca from Karanis, Mich. Stud., Human. Ser., XLVII, 1944, pp. 143-99. Kara-     nis is the modem Kom Aushim, on the northeast rim of the Fayum (Egypt).
2. Transactions of the American Philological Association, LXXI, 1940, pp. 640-2.


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