Of the words read by Amundsen the most striking is for is not common in papyri and ostraca generally50 and is used in the Karanis ostraca only in chaff receipts51 in the expression .52 This singularity points to No. 587 as being a chaff receipt. Furthermore, a close scrutiny of the writing with relation to the upper and lower edges of the ostracon reveals that lines 5-8 in Amundsen's transcript are not in reality four lines but the four halves of two lines. The last line is faded along with the rest, and the unevenness of the lower edge has produced a distortion in the appearance of the visible remnants. Normally the size and shape of an ostracon have little importance for the interpretation of the text which it bears, apart from the conciseness imposed by a severely limited space, but No. 587 is one of the few for which it is profitable to study the physical characteristics of the ostracon.53

From these points of view, obtained by a critical examination of the ostracon, a new text has emerged. It is found to be a typical chaff receipt. The ostracon is broken below line 5 and approximately three lines of text are lost at the bottom.

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55. Read
56. The reading is extremely dubious, but or is required by the context. Cf. O. Mich., I, 18 6, 2-3 ; 214, 2; 215, 2; 217, 1-2; 219, 2; 233, 3. There is space for a short word either at the end of line 3 or at the beginning of line 4, and such writing as may stand in either place is equally hard to detect. In reading in the latter position I follow a suggestion of Dr. 0. M. Pearl.
57. Both Heron and Ouenaphris recur in the first two lines of a list (O. Mich., 1, 354), but the reading of Heron's name is doubtful. Ouenaphris is found as


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