Inv. 9288

Inv. 9988

University of Michigan

66. Ostr. , with no space before SYMBOL and no stroke, horizontal or oblique, to mark the numeral. Three other receipts (O. Mich., I, 213-IS) signed by Ision, whose name appears here in line 7, bear the dates Mesore 11 and 14.
67. Read ; cf. n. 47. The same interchange of and in this name may be observed in O. Mich., I, 202-206, 208, 211, 222; 11, 786.
68. Read . The 16th indiction is used as a date also in the other receipts issued by Ision (see n. 66). It is a gross error for the 1st indiction, as
    observed by Amundsen (O. Mich., 1, 215, 9 and note ad loc.).
69. is restored from O. Mich., 1, 213-15. In 21s read in place of the unresolved symbol printed by the editor at the end of line 7.
70. Both text and signature are written by the same hand, and this hand also wrote the signatures, but not the texts, of 213-15. We may believe, therefore, that it is the hand of Ision. For a situation of a different kind see n. 62.


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