Appendix 6. Sample of a data sheet used for the experiments on solar disinfection of contaminated water exposed in a continuous-flow system.

Experiment No.  7     Solar Reactor:  IA  
Date: 13 Aug. 1986
Sky conditions: clear   hazy   partly cloudy  x  cloudy  
Contaminant added: sewage (%)  0.2  bacterial culture       
Bacteria tested:   Coliforms   Culture medium:   Desoxychol, Lactose Agar   Manufacturer:   Difco Laboratories  
Incubation: temperature   35.5 (°C)   period   24   (h)

Time of day Water temperature (°C) Flow rate (L/h) Solar UV-A Bacterial counts (CFU/mL) Bacterial survival (%)

Exposure time (min) Intensity (W/m2) Fluence (W h/m2)
InfluentEffluent MeanInfluent Effluent

101532. 15044520.7
104033.035.534.211.232612.935.601 71528516.6
110034. 740804.6
113034.036.535.211.232617.807.711 02013513.2
Mean +/- SDa34.436.535.511.232616.577.201 04514712.9

aSD, standard deviation