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Abaya (worn by) :
   Nubian Chief , Egypt, 723s
   Two men, Tabor, Palestine, 457
Abdin Palace, Cairo, 552
Abeih, Lebanon, 242
Abou Nabut Fountain, Jaffa, 315
Abraham's tomb see Tombs: Abraham, Jerusalem
Abrigos, Palestine, 256
Absalon's tomb see Tombs: of Absalon, Jerusalem
Abu Simbul, Egypt, 687-690
Abydos, Egypt, 470-480
Abyssinian women, 731s
Acca/Acre/Ptolemais, Palestine, 257s-258
Acropolis, View of Athens taken from, 42
Activities of people, Egypt, 743-768
Ada Dodge Hall, Syrian Protestant College, Beirut, 204s, 208s
Adana School, Turkey, 55s Adana, Turkey, 54s-56s
H. Agius (Photographer):
  H.M.S. Decoy (ship), Malta, 33
  St. Paul's Bay, Malta, 32
Agony Tree see Tree of Agony, Jerusalem
Alexandretta/Iskandarun, Turkey, 57
Alexandria, Egypt, 481s-493s
Alhambra, entrance to, Granada 37
Amenemhat's tomb see Tombs: AmeniAmenemhat ...
Ameni-Amenemhat's tomb see Tombs: of Ameni-Amenemhat, Beni Hassan, Egypt
American High School for Boys, Smyrna, 116-117
American Mission Church, Beirut, 197-198
American Seminary, Adana, Turkey, 56s
American University of Beirut see Syrian Protestant College
Amman, Jordan, 463
Amodio: Atelier Photographie (Photographer):
  Napoli, 22
Amon's Room in Temple of Seti I, Abydos, Egypt, 473
  Jerash, Jordan, 464s
  Ladkieh, Syria, 158
Amr(ou) Mosque, Cairo see Mosques: Anr(ou), Cairo
Animals see under names of individual animals
Annunciation Church, Nazareth see Churches: of the Annunciation, Nazareth
Anti-Liban, 138-139
Anvers, Belgium, 40-41
Aphrodisias/Geyre, Turkey, 58
Aphrodite see Venus
Apostles' tomb, Jericho see Tombs: of the Apostles, Jericho
Al-Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem seeMosques: AlAqsa, Jerusalem
  Ephesus, Turkey, 77-78, 81
  Smyrna, Turkey, 115
Arch of Triumph:
  Damascus, 146
  Jerash, 469s
Arches, arcades:
  Baalbek, Lebanon, 174s-176, 178, 183
  Banias, Syria, 140
  Beirut bridge in Rustum Pacha garden, 202
  Mrs. Bird's home, Abeih, Lebanon, 242
  College des Dames de Nazareth, 200
  Ecce Homo, Jerusalem, 371-372
  Ephesus, Turkey, 82-83
  Gerard Institute, Saida, Lebanon, 236, 23
  Hawran, Syria, 152s
  Ladkieh, Syria, 157
  Pergamus, Turkey, 100
  Smyrna, Turkey, 114-115
  Street in Saida, Lebanon, 240
  Tyre, Lebanon, 245s-246
  Umayad Mosque, Damascus, 147-149s
Areopagus, Athens, 43
Ariha, Palestine see Jericho, Palestine
Armachi, Sphinx, Cairo, 567-568
Armenian Convent, Jerusalem see Convents & monasteries: Armenian Convent, Jerusalem
As'ad, Kamel bey, 249s
Ascalon, Palestine, 259
Asdud, Palestine, 260
Ashes Valley, Jerusalem see Valleys: of the Ashes, Jerusalem
Ashpaltite Lake, Palestine, 261
Assembly Hall, Syrian Protestant College, Beirut, 212-214s
Assisi, Italy, (painting in church), 4
Asurbanipal see Sardanapale
Aswan, Egypt, 494-517, 678-685
Aswan temple, Egypt see Temples: Aswan, Egypt
Asyut, Egypt, 518-519, 783
Athens, Greece, 42-43
Athlit, Palestine, 262
Ayyub's Well see Wells: of Job, Palestine
Al-Azhar Mosque, Cairo see Mosques: AlAzhar, Cairo
Azot, Palestine see Asdud, Palestine
Baalbek, Lebanon, 169-187s
Bab el Ouady (Wadi), Syria, 167
Baby nursing:
  Egypt, 734s
  Tangiers, 798
Bacchus Temple, Hawran see Temples: Bacchus, Hawran
Badis, Elephantine Island, Aswan, 502
Banias, Syria, 140-141, 415
Baptisimal Font, Ephesus, 93
Barada River, Syria, 138-139, 143
Barcelona, Spain, 35-36
Barges, Sacred ... see Sacred barges, 	Temple of Seti I, Abydos, Egypt
Barrages see Dams
Barttett's (?) House see Houses: Barttet (?), Smyrna, Turkey
Bas-reliefs see Inscriptions and bas-reliefs
  Ecce Homo, Jerusalem, 371-373
  The Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem: 374s-382;
  Greek Cathedral in; 380;
  Saint Helen's Chapel in, 381
  Monte Cassino, Italy, 20
Beatitudes Mount, Palestine see Mount of Beatitudes
A. Beato (Photographer):
  Aswan, Egypt, 498-500, 502, 508, 511-512, 515-516
  Asyut, Egypt, 518
  Camel Corps, Egyptian, 767
  Deir el-Bahri, Egypt, 577
  Denderah, Egypt, 590, 592
  Edfu, Egypt, 600, 602
  Gurnah, Egypt, 610
  Karnak, Egypt, 614, 618, 621, 633, 635, 637-638
  Luxor, Egypt, 659-661, 663, 665-666
  Medinet Habu, Egypt, 670, 672, 674-675
  Nile river, 682, 685-686, 782
  Nubia, Egypt, 687, 689-690
  Palmtrees, Egypt, 782
  Ramesseum & Ramses, Egypt, 691, 693-695
  Shadufs, Egypt, 756
  Thebes, Egypt, 709
  Tombs of the Kings, Egypt, 714
  Village, Egypt, 782
  at Massada Fortress, Palestine, 427
  at Mount Sinai, 722s
  Bedouin Chief at Pyramids, 721s
  Bedouin women (in studio), Syria, 164
Beggars, Egypt, 739
Beirut, Lebanon, 188-221
Beit Djibrin, Palestine, 263-265
Beiteddin, Lebanon, 222s-223
Beitsaida, Palestine, 269
Beittin, Palestine, 270
Belgium, 40-41
Beni Hassan, Egypt, 520
Bethany, Palestine, 266s-268
Bethel, Palestine, see Beittin, Palestine
Bethesda's Pool, Jerusalem see Pool of Bethesda, Jerusalem
Bethlehem, Palestine, 271-288
Bethsaida, Palestine see Beitsaida, Palestine
Betogabra, Palestine see Beit-Djibrin, Palestine
Bicharins, Egypt, 737-738
Bigeh Island, Aswan, Egypt, 500
Bir Ayyub see Wells: of Job, Palestine
Bird, Home of Mrs., Abeih, Lebanon, 242
Bliss Hall, Syrian Protestant College, Beirut, 216s
Blood Field, Jerusalem see Field of the Blood, Jerusalem
Blue print photograph in the Blatchford's Collection, 105s
Bonfils (Photographer):
  Acca, Palestine, 258 
  Alexandretta, Turkey, 57 
  Amman, Jordan, 463 
  Ascalon, Palestine, 259 
  Asdud, Palestine, 260
  Asphaltite Lake, Palestine, 261
  Athens, 42-43 
  Athlit, Palestine, 262
  Baalbeck, 184 
  Banias, Syria, 140-141
  Barada river, Syria, 138-139, 143
  Beirut, 188, 192, 196 
  Bedouins, Palestine, 427 
  Beit-Djibrin, Palestine, 263-265 
  Beitsaida, Palestine, 269 
  Beittin, Palestine, 270 
  Bethany, Palestine, 267
     churches, 275, 277, 279
     road to, 271
     young woman, 288
  Camels, Syria, 162
  Canalin, Palestine, 289 
  Carmel, Mount, Palestine, 290-292 
  Caterer (seller of beans and bread), Egypt, 743
  Cesarea, Palestine, 293-294 
  Cedars, Lebanon, 225-226 
  Damascus, 143
  Dead Sea, 295-298
  Diman and Kanobin Convents, Lebanon, 231
  Endor, Palestine, 300
  Fortress and acqueducts, Ephesus, Turkey, 79-82
  Gaza, Palestine, 301-303
  Haifa, Palestine, 305
  Hasrun, Lebanon, 230
  Hawran, Syria, 155-156
  Hebron, Palestine, 307
  Hermon Mount, Palestine, 308
  Huleh, Lake, Palestine, 310
  Jaffa, Palestine, 311-312
  Jericho, 318-321, 324, 326, 328
    environments: 329-335, 337, 340
    panorama: 342-343, 345, 347-348
    tombs: 351-355
    grottos: 356-357
    stables: 358
    pools: 359
    gates: 361, 363
    towers: 364
    street: 368
    Ecce Homo: 372-373
    Holy Sepulchre: 376-378, 380-381
    churches: 383-385
    houses: 391
    Dome of the Rock: 395, 397
    Al-Aqsa Mosque: 398-399s
    Al-Haram ash-Sharif: 400-401
    people: 405-406
  Jezraël, Palestine, 412
  Job's well see Wells: of Jobs, Palestine
  Jordan River, 415-417, 419-420
  Khan-el-Ahmar, Palestine, 421
  Larnaca, Cyprus, 137
  Lebanon/Syria, 247-248
  Lydda, Palestine, 423
  Magdala, Palestine, 424
  Mar Saba Convent, Palestine, 426
  Massada, Palestine, 427
  Mount Garizim, Palestine, 428
  Muslims praying, 740
  Naba el Labben, Lebanon, 232
  Nablus, Palestine, 430-433
  Nahr el Kalb (Inscriptions), Lebanon, 234
  Nazareth, Palestine, 434-436
  Nebo Mount, Palestine, 437
  Palestine: people and animals, 455, 459, 462
  Pathmos, Greece, 45
  Peasant and saj, 255
  Port of Mersine, Turkey, 95
  Praying Muslims, 740
  Rabbath-Moab, Palestine, 438
  Ramleh, Palestine, 440-441
  Rhodes, 50
  Ruins of Church, Ladkieh, Syria, 157
  Ruins of St. John's Church, Pergamus, Turkey, 98
  Rustum Pacha Gardens, Beirut, 202
  Saint Elie's Convent, Bethlehem, 272
  Saint-Jean-du-Désert, Palestine, 447
  Samaria, Palestine, 443
  Samaritan's Well, Palestine, 444
  Sarafand/Sarepta, Lebanon, 241
  Silo, Palestine, 445-446
  Sunam, Palestine, 448
  Syra, Greece, 52
  Tabarayya, Palestine, 449-453
  Tabor, Mount (Palestine), 455-458
  Tripoli, Lebanon, 243
  Tyre, Lebanon, 244, 246
  Waterfalls on Cydmus river, Turkey, 131
  Woman selling chicken, 163
E. Borg. Photo. (Photograher):
  St. Paul's Bay, Malta, 29
Borhan ed-Din's Pulpit see Burhan ed-Din's Pulpit, Haram ash-Sharif, Jerusalem
Bosphorus, Constantinople, 64, 70
  Adana, Turkey, 54s
  Banias, Syria, 140
  Caravano, Smyrna, Turkey, 114
  Constantinople, Turkey, 59s-60
  Embabeh, on the Nile, Cairo, 529
  Gezireh, Cairo, 539
  over the Cedron River, Jerusalem, 351
  over the Jordan River, 420
  over the Litani River, Lebanon, 246
  Roman bridge over the Cydnus River, Turkey, 132
  Rustum Pacha garden, Beirut, 202
  Smyrna, Turkey, 114
British Syrian School, Baalbek,Lebanon, 187s
Broumana, View of Beirut takenfrom, Lebanon, 224
Burhan ed-Din's Pulpit, Haram ash-Sharif, Jerusalem, 401
  Athens, Greece, 43
  Ras Beirut, 195
  St. Paul's Bay, Malta, 32
Caiphas' house see Houses: Caiphas, Jerusalem
Cairo, Egypt, 521s-574
Camel Corps in Egypt:
  Egyptian, 767
  English, 768
Camels and cameleers:
  Egypt, 762, 769s-772, 784, 792
  Jericho, Palestine, 326
  Mount Tabor, Palestine, 455
  Pergamus, Turkey, 98
  Smyrna, Turkey, 111
  Syria, 162
Canalin, Palestine, 289
Canals see Rivers and canals
Caravano bridge see Bridges: Caravano, Smyrna, Turkey
Carbonera, Moreno, 39
Carmel, Palestine, 290-292
  Constantinople, 67
  Damascus, 143
  driven by horse, Sarls, 1s
  Smyrna, Turkey, 108, 110
Casa Nova, Nazareth, 434
Cascades & waterfalls:
  Barada river, Syria, 138
  Lebanon, 247
  Cydnus river, Tarsus, Turkey, 130s-131, 133
  Beiteddin, Lebanon, 222s-223
  Roumili Hissar, Istambul, 64, 70
  Italy, 5
Catacombs, Alexandria, 488
Cataracts on Nile, Aswan, 497, 503
Caterers, Food, Egypt, 743
  Anvers, 41
  Greek Cathedral in Basilica of Holy Sepulchre, 380
  San Sophia, Constantinople, 65-66
Cattle, Jordan River, 416
Cedars, Lebanon, 225-229
  Arab, Alexandria, 493s
  Arab, Cairo, 535
  near Damascus, 142
  Muslim, Jerusalem, 403s
  Protestant, Alexandria, 490s
  near St. Polycarpus' tomb, Smyrna, Turkey, 113
  Smyrna Turkey, 109
Cesarea, Palestine, 293-294
Chadoufs see Shadufs and saqiehs
Chapel, Syrian Protestant College see Assembly Hall, Syrian Protestant College, Beirut
Chapel of Mensa Christi, Nazareth, 436
Chartreuse S. Martin, View of Naples from, 21
Cheesemakers' Valley see Tyropoeon Valley, Jerusalem
Chefu's sarcophogus, Cairo, 566
Chefu's temple see Temples: Chefu, Egypt
Cheikh Abbadeh, Egypt, 780
Chemical Laboratory, Syrian Protestant College, Beirut, 215s
Cheops, Pyramid of, 562-563, 565
Chicken held by seller in studio, Syria, 163
Children see also Students and pupils
  Baby in woman's arms, Ras Baalbek, Lebanon, 235
  Beirut (near pine trees), 201s
  Boy on camel, Egypt, 771
  Bicharins, Egypt, 738
  on cow, Egypt, 777s
  Damascus, 150
  on donkey, Egypt, 775s-776
  filling water jars from Nile, 754
  Jerusalem, 405 on Nile, 773s
  Nursing babies, Egypt, 734s
  Nursing baby, Tangiers, 797
  Plowing, Egypt, 761
  St. Paul's Bay, Malta, 32
  at the saqieh, Egypt, 758
  Sidon Orphanage, Lebanon, 238-239
  in street, Saida, Lebanon, 240
  Syria, 168
  Syria (in studio), 163-164
  Tangiers, 798
  American Mission, Beirut, 197-198
  of the Annunciation, Nazareth, 435
  in Armenian Convent, Jerusalem, 387
  Assisi, Italy, 4
  Cappucins, Beirut, 199
  the Nativity, Bethlehem, 279, 281, 283
  Pater Noster, Jerusalem, 384-385
  (oldest) Philadelphia, Greece, 48
  Russian, on Mount of Olives, Jerusalem, 386
  Saint Ann, Jerusalem, 383
  Saint John, Pergamus, Turkey, 98
  Saint Mary, Mount Garizim, Palestine, 428
  Saint Savior, Jerusalem, 348
  of the Transfiguration, Mount Tabor, 458
Citadel Mosque, Cairo, see Mosques:
  of the Citadel, Cairo
Cleopatra, Denderah, Egypt, 592, 596-597
Cleopatra (Kom Ombo), 649
Cleopatra Needle (Obelisk), Alexandria, 482
Collège des Dames de Nazareth, Beirut, 200
College Hall, Syrian Protestant College, Beirut, 204s-206s, 212
Colored photographs in Blatchford's Collection:
  Mount Tabor, Palestine, 454
  Nablus and Mount Garizim, Palestine, 429
  Obelisk of Heliopolis, Cairo, 525
  View from the Tabor Mountain, Palestine, 309
Columns and capitals:
  Baalbek, 169-170, 172s-173, 176-177, 179, 180-183
  Fragments of capitals, Cairo,
  Hawran, 151s-152s, 154s
  Karnak, Egypt, xe619-626
  Pompey's column, Alexandria, 493s
  Ramesseum, Egypt, 694
  Spiral column, Hippodrome, Constantinople, 62 
  Theatre of Malta, 28
  Temple of Cybele, Sardis, Turkey, 104
  Temple of Esneh, Egypt, 609
  Temple of Jupiter, Maguisa du Meandre, Turkey, 94
  Temple of Seti 1, Abydos, Egypt, 471
  Temple of Venus, Aphrodisias, Turkey, 58
Commercial School, Syrian Protestant College, Beirut, 204s
Constantinople/Istambul, Turkey, 59s-75
Convents and monasteries:
  Diman and Kannubin, Lebanon, 231
  Latin Convent, Nazareth, 434
  Mar-Saba, Palestine, 425s-426
  Montserrat, Spain, 38
  Mount Carmel, Palestine, 251s
  Saint Catherine, Mount Sinai, Egypt, 703s
  St. Elia, Jericho, Palestine, 328
  Saint-Elie, Bethlehem, 272
  Monte Cassino, Italy, 14-20
  Lady, 729s
  Priest, 719s
  Drinking at the Litani river, Lebanon, 246
  Egypt, 777s
  At the saqieh, Egypt, 759
  Threshing, Egypt, 762
Cydnus River, Tarsus, Turkey, 129s, 133
Cyprus, 137

Dahabiehs, Cairo, 536s-537
Damascus' gate see Gates: Damascus, Jerusalem
Damascus, Syria, 142-150
Dam on Nile, Cairo, 530-531
Daniel Bliss Hall see Bliss Hall, Syrian Protestant College, Beirut
David's Tomb, Jerusalem see Tombs:  David, Jerusalem
David's tower see Towers: David and Hippicus, Jerusalem
De Viana, D.Carlos, 39
Dead Sea, Palestine, 295-298
Decoy H.M.S. (ship), Malta, 33
Deir el Bahari's temple see Temples: Deir el Bahari, Egypt
Deir el Medinet's temple see Temples: Deir el Medinet, Egypt
Del Sarto, Andrea (painting by) 7
Denderah's temple see Temples: Denderah, Egypt
Dervish, 720s
Diana's temple ... see Temples:Diana ...
Diman's convent see Convents &monasteries: Diman & Kanubin, Lebanon
Dionisius, Oracle of see Oracle of Dionisius
Djebel Mountar, Gaza, 301
Dock, Floating (Alexandria) see Floating Dock, Alexandria
Dodge Hall, Syrian Protestant College see Ada Dodge Hall, Syrian Protestant College, Beirut
Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem, 396-397
  Alexandretta, Turkey, 57
  Egypt, 757s, 774s-776, 783
  Jerusalem, 330
  Litani river, Lebanon, 246
  Palestine (mounted photograph), 461-462
  Syria, 166s
Drogman, Jaffa, 316s
Druze Sheikh, Hawran, Syria, 151s
Druze woman, Lebanon, 253s
Dumas, Ph. (Photographer):
  American Mission Church, Beirut, 198
  Beirut, 195,199
  Beiteddin, Lebanon, 223
  Cedars, Lebanon, 227, 229
  Collège des Dames de Nazareth, Beirut, 200
  Drogman, Jaffa, 316s
  Jerusalem, 341l
  Portraits, Lebanon, 252s-253s

Ebal Mount, Palestine see Mount Ebal, Palestine
Ecce Homo's basilica see Basilicas: Ecce Homo, Jerusalem
Edfu's temple, Egypt see Temples: Edfu, Egypt
Egypt, 470-784
Eleona's Church see Churches: Pater Noster
Elephantine Island, Aswan, Egypt, 501-502
Elisa Fountain, Jericho, 324-325
Embabeh's bridge see Bridges: Embabeh, Cairo
Emmaüs/Amwas, Palestine, 299
Emmaüs baths, Tabarayya, 453
Endor, Palestine, 300
Engeddi, Palestine, 297-298
Ephesus, Turkey, 76-93
Esdraelon Plain, Palestine, 455
Esdud, Palestine see Asdud, Palestine
Esneh's temple see Temples: Esneh, Egypt

Felugas, Cairo, 536s
Field of the Blood, Jerusalem, 333-334
Fiorillo, Phot. (Photographer):
  Alexandria, Egypt, 481s-493s
  Cairo, 526s, 536s
  Camels, Egypt, 769s
  Jerusalem: environments, 336;
  Holy Sepulchre, 382
  Palmtrees, Egypt, 769s
  Saqieh, Egypt, 757s
  Shaduf, Egypt, 757s
  Singer, Egyptian, 733
  Water carriers, Egyptian, 749s
Fire Tower, Constantinople, 69
Fisk Hall, Syrian Protestant College, Beirut, 217s
Floating Dock, Alexandria, 491s
Florence, Italy (statue and painting)  6-7
Fort Ricasoli, Malta see Forts & fortresses: Ricasoli, Malta
Fort Tigné, Malta see Forts & fortresses: Tigné, Malta
Forts & fortresses:
  Banias, Syria, 141
  Beirut, 196
  Castle Roumili Hissas, Constantinople, 64, 70
  Ephesus, Turkey, 77, 79-81
  of Napoleon, Alexandria, 485
  Massada, Palestine, 427
  Pathmos Island, Greece, 45
  Ricasoli, Malta, 26
  Rocca Panula, Monte Cassino, Italy, 9
  in St. Paul's Bay, Malta 29-30
  Tigné, Malta, 25
  Valetta, Malta, 34s
Fourty Martyrs' tower see Towers:
Fourty Martyrs, Ramleh, Palestine
France, 2-3
Franciscan monk see Priests and monks:
Franciscan monk, Mount Tabor, Palestine

Gabari Mills, Alexandria see Mills: Gabari, Alexandria
Galilee, Palestine, 269, 289, 309
  Gethsemane see Garden of Gethsemane, Jerusalem
  Huntington Kindergarten, Smyrna, Turkey, 120
  Malta Public Library, 27
  Rouen,  France, 3
  Rustum Pacha Garden, Beirut, 202
Garizim's mount, Palestine see Mount Garizim, Palestine
  Gates: Damascus, Jerusalem, 363
  Golden Gate, Jerusalem, 360-361, 403s
  Roman Gate, Tarsus, 126
  Saint Stephen, Jerusalem, 362
  Saint Paul, Tarsus, 127
Gaza, Palestine, 301-303
Genova, Italy, 8s
George E. Post Science Hall, Syrian Protestant College see Post Hall,
  Syrian Protestant College, Beirut
Gerard Institute, Sidon, 236-237
German Colony, Bethlehem, 273
Gethsemane Garden, Jerusalem, 336-340
Gezireh's bridge, Cairo see Bridges: Gezireh, Cairo
Gheffren, Pyramid of, 564
Ghizeh see Gizeh
Ginrise tower, Galata see Towers: Ginrise, Galata, Turkey
Gizeh, Egypt, 521s
Gizeh Museum, Egypt, 553
Gizeh Pyramids, Egypt, 521s, 560
Goatherd in Constantinople, 74
Golden Gate see Gates: Golden Gate, Jerusalem
Gordon's Calvary, Jerusalem, 392s-393
Granada, entrance to Alhambra, 37
Greece, 42-52
Greek cathedral in Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre see Basilicas:
  Holy Sepulchre, Greek Cathedral in, Jerusalem
Grinding stone, 405
  of Jeremiah, Jerusalem, 356-357
  in Jerusalem, 353
  Milk grotto, Bethlehem, 280, 285
  of the Nativity, Bethlehem, 282, 284
  of the Pastors, Bethlehem, 286
Guiccardini, F. (statue), Florence, 6
Gurnah's temple see Temples: Gurnah, Egypt
Gymnasium, Ephesus, 88

Haceldama. Field, Jerusalem see Field of the Blood, Jerusalem
Haifa, Palestine, 291, 304s-305
S. Hakim (Photographer):
  Damascus, 142, 144-147
Al-Hambra, Granada, Spain, 37
Al-Haram ash-Sharif, Jerusalem, 400-402s
Harbors and ports:
  Alexandretta, Turkey, 57
  Anvers, Belgium, 40
  Barcelona, 35
  Cesarea, Palestine, 293
  Genova, Italy, 8s
  Italy, 5
  Mersina, Turkey, 95
  Meteline, Syria, 159
  Napoli, Italy, 21-22
  Pathmos Island, Greece, 44-45
  Smyrna, Turkey, 107, 109-111
  Syra, Greece, 52
  Tripoli, Lebanon, 243
  Tyre, Lebanon, 244-245s
  Valetta, Malta, 34
Hasrun, Lebanon, 230
Hatasu's Obelisk, Karnak, 627-628, 630-631
Hathor's temple see Temples: Hathor, Karnak
Hawran, Syria, 150-156
Hebron, Palestine, 306s-307
Headdress see Ornaments
Heliopolis' obelisk, Cairo see Obelisks: Heliopolis, Cairo
Hell & Cie (Photographer):
  Tangiers: the Kasba, 787
Hermon, Palestine, 308-309
Herod's palace, Lane leading to see Streets: Jerusalem ...
Hinn ... Valley, Jerusalem see Valleys: Hinn ..., Jerusalem
Hippicus' tower see Towers: David and Hippicus, Jerusalem
  Constantinople, 62, 71-73
Holy Sepulchre's basilica see Basilicas: Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem
Horites, 264
Horse trainer (Saïs), Egypt, 727s
  decorated and ridden by Kamil Bey
  Assad?, Lebanon, 249s
  driven by muleteers, Cedars, Lebanon, 227
  trained by "Saïs", Egypt, 727s
  in Ephesus, Turkey, 78
  driving carriage, Sarls, 1s
  Grand Hotel, Tangiers, 785
  Mena-House, Cairo, 528
  Shepherd, Cairo, 554
  Tewfikieh, Luxor, 668
  Barttet (?), Smyrna, Turkey, 106s
  Caiphas, Jerusalem, 389
  Cairo, 555-558
  Egypt, 780-781, 783
  Pilatus, Jerusalem, 370, 390
  Saint Peter, Jaffa, Palestine, 314
  Saint Veronica, Jerusalem, 391
Huleh Lake, Palestine, 310
Huntington Kindergarten, Smyrna, Turkey 118-120
Hypaethron's temple see Temples
  Hypaethron, Philae Island, Aswan

Ice cream seller, Beirut, 203s
Inscriptions and bas-reliefs:
  French, Rouen, 2-3
  Karnak, Egypt, 638-640
  Kom Ombo, Egypt, 647-648
  Luxor, Egypt, 656
  Medinet Habu, Egypt, 673
  Nahr el Kalb, Lebanon, 234
  Temple of Deir el Bahari, Egypt, 578-580
  Temple of Deir el Medinet, Egypt, 585-586
  Temple of Denderah, Egypt, 593
  Temple of Edfu, Egypt, 606
  Temple of Seti I, Abydos, Egypt, 476-477
Isis' temple, Philae see Temples:
Isis, Philae Island, Aswan
  Bigeh, in Nile, Aswan, 500
  Elephantine, in Nile, Aswan, 501-502
  in Jordan River, 418
  Philae, in Nile, Aswan, 503-517
  Rhodes, Greece, 50
Istambul, Turkey see Constantinople/Istambul, Turkey
Italy, 4-34s

Jaffa, Palestine, 256, 271, 299, 311-316s
Jeanne d'Arc's tower see Towers:
  Jeanne d'Arc, Rouen, France
Jerash, Jordan, 464s-469S
Jeremiah's grotto see Grottos:
  Jeremiah, Jerusalem
Jericho, Palestine, 317s-328
Jerusalem, Palestine, 329-411
  Al Aqsa Mosque: 398-399s
  Churches: 383-388
  Dome of the Rock: 394-397
  Ecce Homo: 372-373
  Environments: 329-340
  Gates: 360-363
  Gordon's Calvary: 392s-393
  Grottos: 356-357
  Al Haram al Sharif: 400-402s
  Holy Sepulchre: 374s-382
  Houses: 389-391
  Jerusalem: 407s-411
  Muslim cemetery: 403s
  Panorama: 341 -349
  People: 404s-406
  Pools: 359
  Stables: 358
  Streets: 366-369
  Tombs: 350-355
  Towers: 364-365
  Via Dolorosa: 370-371
Jewelry see Ornaments
Jews' tomb, Jerusalem see Tombs: of the Jews, Jerusalem
Jezrail, Palestine, 412
Job's well, Palestine see Wells: Job, Palestine
John the Baptist (painting), 7
Jordan, 463-469s
Jordan river, Palestine see Rivers & canals: the Jordan, Palestine
Josaphat Valley, Jerusalem see Valleys: Josephat, Jerusalem
Joseph's tomb, Nablus see Tombs: Joseph, Nablus, Palestine
Judea, Palestine, 296-297, 301-303
Jupiter's temple see Temples: Jupiter ...

Ka'ba, Mecca, Saudi Arabia, 53
Kaid Bey's mosque, Cairo see Mosques: Kaid Bey, Cairo
Kaid Bey's tomb, Cairo see Tombs: Kaid Bey, Cairo
Kaiffa, Palestine see Haifa, Palestine
Kanubin, Lebanon, 231
Karmel, Palestine see Carmel, Palestine
Karnak, Egypt, 611-642
Kasba, Tangiers, 787
Keneh, Egypt, 766
Ker-Ain, Palestine see Jezrail, Palestine
Khan el-Ahmar, Palestine, 421
The Khedive, Egypt, 717s
Khoss' temple see Temples: Khous, Karnak
Khouss temple see Temples: Khous, Karnak
Kindergartens see Schools and other institutions of learning
Kings' tombs, Jerusalem see Tombs: of the Kings, Jerusalem
Kings' Valley, Egypt see Tombs: of the Kings ...
Kom Ombo, Egypt, 643-652

Ladkieh/Latakieh/Laodicea, Syria, 157-158
Laodicea, Syria see Ladkieh ...
Larnaca, Cyprus, 137
Latakieh, Syria see Ladkieh ...
Latin convent, Nazareth see Convents & monasteries: Latin Convent, Nazareth
J. Laurent y Cia. Madrid (Photographer): Valladolid, Spain, 39, 39l
Lazarus' tomb, Bethany see Tombs: Lazarus, Bethany, Palestine
Lebanon, 169-255
(Lekegian) Photo. Art. G. Lekegian & Fils (Photographer):
  Bedouin chief, 721s
  Black woman, 725s
  Copt priest, 719s
  Nubian chief, 723s
  People, Egypt, 744s, 773s-774s
  Sudanese chief, 726s
  Water carrier, 748s
  Women portraits, 729s-730s
Leontes river, Lebanon see Rivers and canals: Litani, Lebanon
Lepers, Jerusalem, 406
  Malta, 27
  Syrian Protestant College, 205s, 212
  Valladolid, Spain, 39l
Liceo, Gran teatro del, Barcelona, 36
Lighthouse, Alexandria, 488, 492s
Litani river, Lebanon see Rivers & canals: Litani, Lebanon
Luqsor, Egypt see Luxor, Egypt
Luxor, Egypt, 653-668, 765
Lydda, Palestine, 422s-423
Lysinacus' temple, Ephesus see Temples: Lysinacus, Ephesus

Madona (painting), 4
Magdala, Palestine, 424
Maguisa du Meandre, Turkey, 94
Mahmal arriving from Mecca to Cairo, 551
Mahmoudieh canal, Alexandria see Rivers & canals: Mahmoudieh, Alexandria
Malta, 25-34s
Maquette (Model) of Syrian Protestant College, Beirut, 219s- 220s
Mar Saba's convent, Palestine see Convents & monasteries: Mar Saba, Palestine
Marïssa, Turkey, 105 (Blue print)
Marquand House, Syrian Protestant College, Beirut, 211s
Massada, Palestine, 427
Mausoleum, Hawran, Syria, 156
Mecca, Saudi Arabia, 53
Medical Hall, Syrian Protestant College, Beirut, 207s
Medinet Abou see Medinet Habu, Egypt
Medinet Habout see Medinet Habu, Egypt
Medinet Habu, Egypt, 669-677
Medjdel, Palestine see Magdala, Palestine
Meiroum Waters, Palestine see Huleh Lake, Palestine
Melkonian (Photographer):
  Commemorating plate, Syrian Protestant College, Beirut, 221
Memmou Colossi, Thebes, 707, 709
Mena House Hotel see Hotels: Mena House, Cairo
Meneptah, King (Cairo) 574
Mena Christi Chapel see Chapel of Mensa Christi, Nazareth
Meranon Colossus, Thebes, 708
Mersine, Turkey, 95
Meteline, Syria, 159
Mex, Alexandria, 488
Meydoun Pyramid, Egypt, 570
Mikmas, Syria, 160
Milk Grotto, Bethlehem see Grottos: Milk, Bethlehem
  Beit Djibrin, Palestine, 265
  of Gabari, Alexandria, 486s-487s
Moab, Jordan, 438, 465s-467s
Monasteries see Convents and monasteries.
Monks see Priests and monks
Monte Cassino, Italy, 9-20
Montserrat, Spain, 38
  Amr(ou), Cairo, 540-541
  Al-Aqsa, Jerusalem, 398-399s
  Al-Azhar, Cairo, 543
  Beirut, 195
  Cairo, 521s
  of the Citadel, Cairo, 544
  Kaid Bey, Cairo, 546
  Muhammad Ali, Cairo, 547-549
  of Omar, Jerusalem, 344, 394-395, 397
  Saint Jean (?) (Turkish Mosque), 89
  San Sophia,. Constantinople, 65-66
  Silo, Palestine, 446
  Smyrna, Turkey, 107
  Sultan Ahmed, Constantinople, 60, 67
  Sultan Hassan, Cairo, 550-551
  Tyre, Lebanon, 245s
  Umayyad, or the Great, Damascus, 147-149s
Mouchamas, Syria see Mikmas, Syria
Mount of Beatitudes, Palestine,
  Jerusalem, 329
Mount Carmel see Carmel, Palestine
Mount Ebal, Palestine, 431
Mount Garizim, Palestine, 428-430
Mount Hermon see Hermon, Palestine
Mount Nebo, Palestine, 437
Mount of Olives, Jerusalem, 336-337, 347
Mount of Pagus, Smyrna, Turkey, 107
Mount Scopus, Jerusalem, 342
Mount Sinai, Egypt, 703s, 722s
Mount Tabor, Palestine, 309, 454-458
Mount of Temptation, Jerusalem, 330
Mountar, Gaza see Djebel Mountar, Gaza
Muazzins, Palestine, 459
Muhammad Ali mosque, Cairo see Mosques: Muhammad Ali, Cairo
Mummy, Thebes, 711
Munkhols, Sifting grain in, 404s
  Cairo, 558
  Egypt, 776
Musicians and musical instruments:
  Egypt, 746
  Tangiers, 796
Nab' el Laban, Lebanon, 232
Nabi Sasse?, Lebanon, 233s
Nablus, Palestine, 429-433
Nablus Valley, Palestine, 432
Nahr el-Kalb, Lebanon, 234
Naplouse see Nablus, Palestine
Napoleon's Fort, Alexandria see Forts and fortresses: Napoleon, Alexandria
Napoli, Italy, 21-22
Nativity, Church of see Churches: of the Nativity, Bethlehem
Nazareth, Collège des Dames de see Collège des Dames de Nazareth, Beirut
Nazareth, Palestine, 434-436
Nebo Mount, Palestine see Mount Nebo, Palestine
Nile River, Egypt, 536s-537, 643, 654, 707, 754-760, 764, 772-773s, 782
Nile River. 1st Cataract, Egypt, 678-682
Nile River. 2nd Cataract, Egypt, 683-685
Nubia, Egypt, 687-690
Nubians, 723s-724s, 737-738
Nursing, Baby see Baby nursing

Observatory, Syrian Protestant College, Beirut, 209s-211s
  of Cleopatra, Alexandria, 482
  of Heliopolis, Cairo, 524-525
  at Hippodrome, Constantinople, 71-73
  Karnak, Egypt, 622, 627-631
  Luxor, Egypt, 657-658
Olives Mount see Mount of Olives, Jerusalem
Omar's Chair, Al-Haram ash-Sharif,Jerusalem, 400
Omar's mosque, Jerusalem see Mosques: Omayad, Damascus
Oracle of Dionisius, 24
  Abyssinian women, 731s
  Arab girl, Syria, 165s
  Country girl, Egypt, 730s
  Fellaha singer,Egypt, 733
  Peasant women, Egypt, 734s-736
  Woman in Tangiers, 797
  Young woman, Bethlehem, 288
The Orphanage, Sidon, Lebanon, 238-239
Osiris Room in Temple of Seti I, Abydos, 472
Ostriches in farm, Egypt, 778
Oxen, Egypt, 760-761

P.Z. (Photographer):
  Hermon Mount, Palestine, 309
  Mount Tabor, Palestine, 454
  Nablus, Palestine, 429
  "John the Baptist", Pitti, Florence, 7
  "Madonna", Assisi Church, Italy, 4l
  "El principe D. Carlos de Viana", Valladolid, Spain, 39
Palace of Ras el Tin, Alexandria,  489
Palestine, 256-462
Palmtrees (some):
  Cairo, 526s
  Egypt, 769s, 779-784
  Palestine, 461
  Acca, Palestine, 257s-258 
  Alexandria, Egypt, 481s 
  Anvers, Belgium, 40
  Asyut, Egypt, 519 
  Athens, Greece, 42 
  Baalbek, 169
  Beirut, 192-193, 197
  Beittin, Palestine, 270
  Bethany, Palestine, 268 
  Bethlehem Palestine, 276s-279 
  Cairo, 521s-522
  Canalin, Palestine, 289 
  Constantinople, Turkey, 59s 
  Damascus, Syria, 142
  Endor, Palestine, 300 
  Gaza, Palestine, 302 
  Genova, Italy, 8s 
  Haifa, Palestine, 305
  Hebron, Palestine, 306-307
  Jaffa, Palestine, 312
  Jericho, Palestine, 318-323
  Jerusalem, 342-349 
  Jerusalem (with identified sites), 341l
  Lydda, Palestine, 422s-423
  Meteline, Syria, 159 
  Monte Cassino, Italy, 9-10 
  Nablus, Palestine, 430-431 
  Napoli, Italy, 21 
  Patmos, Greece, 45
  Pergamus, Turkey, 96-97
  Philae Island, Aswan, 507
  Ramleh, Palestine, 439s-440
  Ras Baalbek, Lebanon, 235
  Saint John of the Desert, Palestine, 447
  Samaria, Palestine, 443
  Silo, Palestine, 445
  Smyrna, Turkey, 107-109
  Syra, Greece, 51
  Tangiers, 785-786
  Tarsus, Turkey, 122
Patriarch Joseph's tomb see Tombs:
Patriarch Joseph, Nablus, Palestine
Pastors grotto, Bethlehem see Grottos:
  Pastors, Bethlehem
Pastors village, Bethlehem, Palestine, 275
Pater Noster church, Jerusalem see Churches: Pater Noster, Jerusalem
Patmos Island, Greece, 44-45
Pentaur, Karnak, 632
Pergamus, Turkey, 96-100
Philadelphia, Greece?, 46-48
Philae Island, Aswan, Egypt, 503-517
Philippi, Greece?, 49
Photographers in the Blatchford's Collection: see
  H. Agius, Photo (2 phs.)
  Amodio: Atelier Photographie (1 ph.)
  A. Beato (48 phs.)
  Bonfils (179 phs.)
  E. Borg, Photo (I ph.)
  Dumas Phot. Beyrouth (11 phs.)
  L. Fiorillo, Phot. (20 phs.)
  S. Hakim (5 phs.)
  Hell & Cie. (I ph.)
  J. Laurent y Cia. Madrid (2 phs.)
  (Lekegian) Photo Art. G. Lekegian & Fils (11 phs.)
  Melkonian (1 ph.)
  P.Z. (3 phs.)
  Poa  (1 ph.)
  J.E. Puig Escudillers (2 phs.)
  Rubellin et Fils (13 phs.)
  Studio Sarrafian Bros. Beirut (12 phs.)
  J.P. Sebah (89 phs.)
  A. Svoboda, Photo (I ph.)
  Zangaki (59 phs.)
Phylae Island, Egypt see Philae Island, Aswan, Egypt
Pigeon Rock, Rawcheh, Beirut, 189-190
Pilatus' house see Houses: Pilatus, Jerusalem
Pilgrimage (Mecca), 53, 551
Pitti, Florence (painting) see Paintings: "John the Baptist", Pitti, Florence
Plan of Tuminello, Roma see Tuminello plan, Roma
Pliny Fisk Hall, Syrian Protestant College see Fisk Hall, Syrian Protestant College, Beirut
Plowing, Egypt, 760-761
Poa ... (Photographer):
  Shoeblacks, Egypt, 745
Pompey's Column, Alexandria, 493s
  Bethesda, Jerusalem, 344, 359
  Salomon, Bethlehem, 274
  Sekias, Jerusalem, 374s
Portraits: Abyssianian women, 731s
  Arab girl from Syria, 165s
  Arab Sheikh, Palestine, 460
  Bearded man in shreads, 252s
  Bearded man, Tangiers, 793
  Bedouin at Mount Sinai, 722s
  Bedouin Chief, Egypt, 721s
  Black woman, Egypt, 725s
  Copt lady, 729s
  Copt priest, 719s
  Dervish, Egypt, 720s
  Druze girl with tantour, 253s
  Fellaha, Egypt, 730s
  Fellaha singer, Egypt, 732
  Harem lady, 728s
  John the Baptist (painting), 7
  the Khedive, Egypt, 717
  Nubians, 723s-724s
  Peasant women, Egypt, 734s-736
  Seti I, Abydos, Egypt, 478
  Singer woman, Egypt, 733
  Sheikh with decorations, Egypt, 718s
  Sudanese Chief, 726s
  Sudanese Sais, 727s
Ports see Harbors and ports
Post Hall, Syrian Protestant College, Beirut, 213s, 218s
Pottery, Egypt, 766
Prayers, Muslim:
  Palestine, 459
  Egypt, 740-742
Preparatory Dept., Syrian Protestant College, Beirut, 216s-217s
Priests and monks: Copt, 719s
Franciscan monk, Mount Tabor, 458
Prince Thefik [Tufiq] steamer see Ships, boats, steamers: Nile steamer Prince Thefik [Tufiq]
Protestant Cemetery, Alexandria see Cemeteries: Protestant, Alexandria
Ptolemais see Acca/Acre/Ptolemais
Ptolemy, Kom Ombo, Egypt, 649-650
J.E. Puig. Escudillers (Photographer):
  Capitania del Puerto y Monjinch,
  Barcelona, 35
  Gran Teatro del Liceo, Barcelona, 36
Pupils see Students and pupils
  Edfu, Egypt, 599-601
  Karnak, Egypt, 613-614
  Luxor, Egypt, 656-658
  Philae Island, Aswan, Egypt, 508-509
  Cairo, 527, 559s-570
  Gizeh, Egypt, 521s
  Saccarah, 700

Qannubin Convent, Lebanon see Convents & monasteries: Diman & Kanubin,Lebanon

Rabbath-Moab, Palestine, 438
Rachel's tomb, Bethlehem see Tombs: Rachel, Bethlehem
Ramesseum, Egypt, 691-699
Ramleh, Palestine, 439s-441
  Battle of Ramses, Medinet Habu, 677
  Genealogical tree, Karnak, 633
  Luxor, 658-662
Ramses 11, 691-699
Ras Baalbek, Lebanon, 235
Ras el-Tin palace, Alexandria see palace of Ras el-Tin, Alexandria
Rawcheh, Beirut, 189-191
Red Sea, Palestine, 442s
Rhodes Island, Greece see Islands: Rhodes, Greece
Ricasoli's fort see Forts &fortresses: Ricasoli, Malta
Rivers and canals:
  Barada, Syria, 138-139, 143
  Cydnus/Tarsus, Turkey, 129s-133
  the Jordan, Palestine, 415-420
  at Karnak, Egypt, 639
  Litani, Lebanon, 246
  Mahmoudieh Canal, Egypt, 483s-484s
  Nile see Nile River, Egypt
Robert College, Constantinople, 63
Rocca Panula's fortress, Monte Cassino see Forts & fortresses:
  Rocca Panula, Monte Cassino, Italy
Roma, Italy, 23
Roman bridge over the Cydnus, Turkey see Bridges:
  Roman bridge over the Cydnus River, Turkey
Roman gate, Tarsus see Gates: Roman, Tarsus
Rouen, France, 2-3
Roumili Hissar Castle, Bosphorus, Constantinople see Castles:
  Roumili Hissar, Bosphorus, Constantinople
Rubellin et Fils (Photographer):
  Ephesus, Turkey, 76-78
  Gymnasium,  Ephesus, Turkey, 88
  St. Jean, Ephesus, Turkey, 89
  St. Paul's prison, Ephesus, Turkey, 92
  Smyrna, Turkey, 107,113,115
  Stadium, Ephesus, Turkey, 87
  Temple of Diana, Ephesus, Turkey, 85
  Theaters, Ephesus, Turkey, 83, 92
  Tomb of St. Luke, Ephesus, Turkey, 90
  Ascalon, 259
  Athlit, 262
  Baalbek, 169-183
  Church of St. Jean, Pergamus,
  Turkey, 96-98
  Church of the Transfiguration,
  Mount Tabor, 458
  Deir el Bahari, Egypt, 575-576
  Ephesus, Turkey, 76-92
  Hawran, Syria, 151s-156
  Karnak, Egypt, 626
  Ladkieh, Syria, 157-158
  Massada Fortress, Palestine, 427
  Medinet Habu, Egypt, 671
  Nabi Sasse?, Lebanon, 233s
  Philippi, Greece, 49
  Rabbath-Moab, Palestine, 438
  Saint Mary's Church, Mount Garizim, Palestine, 428
  Sardis, Turkey, 102-103
  Stadium, Pergamus, Turkey, 100
  Temple of Jupiter, Maguisa du Meandre, Turkey, 94
  Temple of Venus, Aphrodisias, Turkey, 58
Rumelihisar Castle see Castles: Roumili Hissas ...
Russian Church, Jerusalem see Churches:
  Russian, on Mount of Olives, Jerusalem
Rustum Pacha garden, Beirut, 202

Saccarah, Egypt, 700-702
Sacred barges, Temple of Seti I, Abydos, Egypt, 473
Sagga or Saqqa see Water carrier Saida, Lebanon, 236-240
Saint Ann's Church, Jerusalem see Churches: Saint Ann, Jerusalem
Saint Ann's valley, Smyrna see Valleys: Saint Ann, Smyrna, Turkey
Saint Catherine's convent, Mount Sinai see Convents & monasteries:
   Saint Catherine, Mount Sinai, Egypt
Saint Elia's convent, Jericho see Convents & monasteries: Saint Elia, Jericho, Palestine
Saint Elia's convent, Jerusalem see Convents & monasteries: Saint Elia, Jerusalem
Saint Elie's convent, Bethlehem see Convent of Saint Elia, Bethlehem
Saint Helen's chapel see Basilicas: The Holy Sepulchre (Jerusalem),
  Saint Helen's Chapel in Saint Jean (Turkish mosque), Ephesus, 89
Saint John of the Desert, Palestine, 447
Saint John the Baptist (Baptisimal font), Ephesus, 93
Saint John's church, Pergamon see Churches: Saint John, Pergamon
Saint Luke's tomb, Ephesus see Tombs: Saint Luke, Ephesus
Saint Mary's church, Mount Garizim see Churches: Saint Mary, Mount Garizim, Palestine
Saint Paul's Bay, Malta, 29-33
Saint Paul's gate, Tarsus see Gates: Saint Paul, Tarsus
Saint Paul's Prison:
  Cesarea, Palestine, 294
  Ephesus, Turkey, 91-92
Saint Paul's Wall, Damascus, 144-145
Saint Paul's Well, Tarsus, Turkey, 128
Saint Peter's house, Jaffa see Houses: Saint Peter, Jaffa, Palestine
Saint Polycarpus' tomb, Smyrna see Tombs: Saint Polycarpus, Smyrna
Saint Saba's convent, Palestine see Convents and monasteries: Mar Saba Palestine
Saint Savior's church see Churches: Saint Savior, Jerusalem
Saint Stephen's convent, Jerusalem see Convents & monasteries: Saint Stephen, Jerusalem
Saint Stephen's gate, Jerusalem see Gates: Saint Stephen, Jerusalem
Saint Veronica's house see Houses: Saint Veronica, Jerusalem
Salhieh, Damascus, 142
Samaria, Palestine, 443
The Samaritan's Well, Palestine, 444
San Sophia, Constantinople, 60, 65-66
Sanamein, Hawran, 155
Sarafand/Sarepta, Lebanon, 241
Sarcophogus of Chefu, Cairo, see Chefu's sarcophogus, Cairo
Sardanapale's tomb, Tarsus see Tombs: Sardanapale, Tarsus, Turkey
Sardis, Turkey, 101-104
Sarepta, Lebanon see Sarafand/Sarepta, Lebanon
Sarls, 1s
Saron Plain, Palestine, 309
Sarrafian Bros., Studio see Studio Sarrafian Bros. Beirut (Photographer)
Sarto, Andrea del see Del Sarto, Andrea
Savior, Church of Saint see Churches: Saint Savior, Jerusalem
Scale, 405
School of Commerce, Syrian Protestant College, Beirut, 204s
School of Pharmacy, Syrian Protestant College, Beirut, 215s
Schools and other institutions of learning:
  Adana School, Turkey, 55s
  American High school for Boys, Smyrna, Turkey, 116-117
  American Seminary, Adana, Turkey, 56s
  British Syrian School, Baalbek Lebanon, 187s
  Collège des Dames de Nazareth, Beirut, 200
  Gerard Institute, Saida, Lebanon, 236-237
  Huntingtin Kindergarten, Smyrna,Turkey, 118-120
  at Ras Baalbek village, Lebanon, 235
  Robert College, Constantinople, 63
  Sidon Orphanage, Lebanon, 238-239
  Syrian Protestant College, Beirut, 204s-221
Scopus Mount see Mount Scopus,Jerusalem
Sculpture of F. Guicciardini in Gallery Uffizi, Florence, 6
J.P. Sebah (Photographer):
  Abydos, Egypt, 470-478
  Animals, Egypt, 762
  Aswan, Egypt, 497, 503, 514
  Béni-Hassan, Egypt, 520
    panorama: 522;
    environments: 527-531, 533-535, 537-539;
    mosques: 540-542, 544-547, 549-550;
    public buildings: 552-554;
    houses: 555-558;
    Pyramids: 560-565, 567-570
  Deir el-Bahri, Egypt, 575-576, 578, 579, 581
  Deir el-Medinet, Egypt, 583-584
  Denderah, Egypt, 587
  Edfu, Egypt, 598, 601, 604
  Esneh, Egypt, 607-608
  Karnak, Egypt, 611, 617, 620, 627-628, 630, 636, 640
  Kom Ombo, Egypt, 645
  Medinet Habu, Egypt, 671
  Muslims praying, 741-742
  Nile river, 679
  Pottery making, Egypt, 766
  Praying Muslims, 741-742
  Ramses, 696
  Saqieh, Egypt, 755
  Shaduf, Egypt, 755
  Silsileh, Egypt, 704, 706
  Thebes, Egypt, 708, 712
  Threshing, Egypt, 762
  Villages, Egypt, 779-781
Seiloun mosque, Jerusalem see Mosques: Seiloun, Jerusalem
Sekias' pool see Pools: Sekias,Jerusalem
  of beans (tu'miah) & bread, Egypt, 743
  of chicken, Syria, 163
  Ice cream seller, Beirut, 203s
  Near Huntington Kindergarten, Smyrna, Turkey, 119
  of pottery, Egypt, 766
  shoeblacks, Egypt, 745
  in street, Saida, Lebanon, 240
  of sugar canes, Egypt, 764-765
  watercarriers (who sell water), Egypt, 747s-752s
Sepulchre, Holy see Basilicas: The Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem
Seti 1, 478-480
Seti I's temple, Abydos, Egypt see Temples: Seti I, Abydos, Egypt
Shadufs and saqiehs, Egypt, 755-759
  Pinetrees Forest, Beirut, 201s
  Syria, 168
  Arab sheikh on monkey, Palestine 461
  Arab sheikh, Palestine, 460
  Arab sheikh, Syria, 166s
  Druze sheikh in Hawran, Syria, 151s
  from Egypt, 718s
Shepherd's Hotel, Cairo see Hotels: Shepherd, Cairo
Shepherds on Jordan River, 416
  Baalbek, 170
  Damascus, Man standing in
  cemetery in, 142
  Hawran, Syria, 151s, 153s
  Lebanon, Men gathering olives in, 254
  Lebanon, Seated men from, 251s
  Nab' el Laban, Lebanon, 232 (near Natural Bridge)
  Nahr el Kalb, Lebanon, 234 (near Inscriptions Stones)
  Sellers in street, Saida, Lebanon, 240
  Tribesmen & riflemen, Lebanon, 249s
Ships, boats & steamers:
  Anvers, Belgium, 41
  Barcelona, small boats, some loaded with merchandises, 35
  Constantinople, Turkey, 59s-61
  H.M.S. Decoy in St. Paul's Bay, Malta, 33
  Genova, Italy, 8s
  Italy, 5
  Mersina, Turkey, 95, 109-112
  Meteline, Syria, 159
  Napoli, Italy, 21-22
  Nile steamer Prince Thefik, 686
  Pathmos Island, Greece, 44-45
  in St. Paul's Bay, Malta, 32
  Syra, Greece, 52
  Tripoli, Lebanon, 243
  Tyre, Lebanon, 244-245s
  Valetta, Malta, sailing boats, 34s
Shoeblacks, Egypt, 75
Sichem, Palestine see Nablus, Palestine
Sidon, Lebanon see Saida, Lebanon
Sidon Orphanage, Lebanon, 238-239
Sikias see Sekias pool
Silo, Palestine, 445-446
Silsileh, Egypt, 704-706
Sinai Mount see Mount Sinai, Egypt
Singers see Musicians and musical instruments
Siracusa plan, Italy, 24
Smith, Ely (Missionary) (plate of room where he translated the Bible), 221
Smyrna, Turkey, 105s-120
Snakes and snake charmers, 795-796
Solomon's pools see Pools: Salomon, Bethlehem
Solomon's stables see Stables of Solomon, Jerusalem
Souk-Wadi-Barada, Syria, 139
Spain, 35-39l
Sphinx, Cairo, 559s-570
Sphinx, Karnak, 613-615
Stables of Solomon, Jerusalem, 358
Stadium, Ephesus, 87
Stambul, Turkey see
Constantinople/ Istambul, Turkey
  Cairo, under tree, 573s
  of F. Guicciardini in Gallery Uffizi, Florence, 6
  Malta, in Public Library Garden, 27
  of Ramses, Luxor, 660-661
  of Ramses, Ramesseum, 695-696
Steamer Prince Thefik [Tufiq] see Ships, boats and steamers ...
Stephen, Convent of Saint see Convents & monasteries: Saint Stephen, Jerusalem
Stephen, Gate of Saint see Gates: Saint Stephen, Jerusalem
Streets and street scenes (some):
  Alexandretta harbor, Turkey, 57
  Rue des Chevaliers, Rhodes, 50
  Jerusalem, 366-369
  Saida, Lebanon, 240
  Smyrna, Turkey, 108, 110-111
  Tangiers, 787-792
Students and pupils:
  Adana School, Turkey, 55s
  American High school for Boys, Smyrna, Turkey, 116, 118
  American Seminary, Adana, Turkey, 56s
  Gerard Institute, Saida, Lebanon, 237-238
Huntington Kindergarten, Smyrna, Turkey, 119
Syrian Protestant College, Beirut 206s
Studio, Photographs taken in:
  Egypt, Some portraits taken in 717s-742
  Syria, 163-165s
Studio Sarrafian Bros. Beirut (Photographer):
  Syrian Protestant College, Beirut, 206s-211s, 213s-218s
Sudanese, 726s-727s
Sugar cane market, Egypt, 764-765
Suk el-Gharb, Lebanon, 242
Sultan Ahmed's mosque, Constantinople see Mosques: Sultan Ahmad, Constantinople
Sultan Hasan's mosque, Cairo see Mosques: Sultan Hasan, Cairo
Sun's Temple see Temples: of the Sun ...
Sunam, Palestine, 448
A. Svoboda, Photo (Photographer):
  Ruins of Temple of  Venus, Aphrodisias, Greece, 58
Syra, Greece, 51-52
Syria, 138-168
Syrian Protestant College, Beirut, Lebanon, 204s-221
  Ada Dodge Hall, 204s, 208s
  Beirut panorama from S.P.C., 192
  Bliss Hall, 216s
  Campus model (maquette), 219s- 220s
  Chapel/Assembly Hall, 212-214s
  Chemical Laboratory, 215s
  College Hall, 204s-206s, 212
  Commercial School, 204s
  Fisk Hall, 217s
  The Library, 205s, 212
  Marquand House, 211s
  Medical Hall, 207s
  Observatory, 209s-211s
  Post Hall, 213s, 218s
  Preparatory Dept., 216s-217s
  School of Pharmacy, 215s
  Smith, Ely (plate of room where he translated the Bible), 221
  Students, 206s
  Syrian Protestant College seen from Ain Mreisseh, 193
  Van Dyck, Cornelius (plate of room where he translated the Bible), 221
Tabarayya, Palestine, 449-453
Tabarayya Lake, Palestine, 417
Tabor Mount see Mount Tabor, Palestine
Tangiers, Morocco, 785-798
Tarabucca (dirbakkeh), Egypt, 732-733
Tarsus, Turkey, 121-133
Taurus Mountains, Turkey, 121
  Amenophis, Luxor, 666-667
  Aswan, 498
  Bachus, Hawran, 151s
  Chefu, Egypt, 565
  Deir el Bahari, Egypt, 575-581
  Deir el Medinet, Egypt, 582-586
  Diana, Ephesus, Turkey, 85
  Diana, Jerash, 468s
  Denderah, Egypt, 587-597
  Edfu, Egypt, 598-606
  Esneh, Egypt, 607-609
  Gurnah, Egypt, 610
  Hathor, Karnak, 636
  Hypoethron, Philae Island, Aswan, 514
  Ibsambone, Abu Simbul, Egypt, 687-693
  Isis Philae Island, Aswan, 511, 513
  Jupiter, Baalbek, 172s-173
  Jupiter, Jerash, 466s
  Jupiter, Maguisa, Turkey, 94
  Karnak village (temples), 611-642
  Khoss, Karnak, 637
  Kom Ombo, Egypt, 644
  Luxor, Egypt, 664-665
  Lysinacus, Ephesus, Turkey, 86
  Medinet Habu, Egypt, 669, 676
  Ramses, Luxor, Egypt, 659
  Sanamein, Hawran, Syria, 155
  Seti 1, Abydos, Egypt, 470-478
  The Sun, Baalbek, 171s
  The Sun, Jerash, 467s
  Venus, Aphrosidias, Turkey, 58
  Venus, Baalbek, 181s
  Venus, Italy, 5
Temptation Mount, Jerusalem see Mount of Temptation, Jerusalem
Tewfikieh Hotel, Luxor see Hotels: Tewfikieh, Luxor
  Ephesus, Turkey, 83-84, 92
  del Liceo, Barcelona, 36
  Malta, 28
  Sardis, Turkey, 102
Thebes, Egypt, 583-584, 707-712, 782
Threshing wheat, Egypt, 762-763
Thyatira, Turkey, 134s-136
Tiberias, Palestine see Tabarayya, Palestine
Tigné's Fort, Malta see Fort Tigné, Malta
  Abraham, Jerusalem, 351
  Absalon, Jerusalem, 352
  Ameni-Amenemhat, Beni Hassan, Egypt, 520
  of the Apostles, Jericho, 327
  in Jerusalem, 355
  of the Jews, Jerusalem, 350
  of the Kings, Jerusalem, 353-354s
  of the Kings, Luxor, Egypt, 713-716
  of the Kings, Thebes, Egypt, 712
  Lazarus, Bethany, 267
  Patriarch Joseph, Nablus, Palestine, 433
  Rachel, Bethlehem, 287
  Saint Luke, Ephesus, 90
  Saint Polycarpus, Smyrna, 113
  Sardanapole, Tarsus,, 124-125
Touthmes I's obelisk, Karnak, see Obelisks: Touthmes I, Karnak
  of David and Hippicus, Jerusalem 364-365
  Fire Tower, Constantinople, 69
  of the Fourty Martyrs, Ramleh, 441
  Ginrise Tower, Constantinople, 68
  Jeanne d'Arc, Rouen, France, 3
  of Mar Saba Convent, Palestine, 426
  Mausoleum in tower form, Hawran, Syria, 155
  of Ramleh, Palestine, View from, 440
Transfiguration Church, Mount Tabor, see Churches:
  of the Transfiguration, Mount Tabor, Palestine
Tree of the Virgin Mary, Cairo, 532s-534bis
Trees (some):
  Baalbek, 169-170, 184-186s, 188
  Banias, Syria, 140-141
  Beirut, 196-202, 204s-216s, 218
  Beiteddin, Lebanon 222s-223 (pine trees)
  Broumana, Lebanon, 224
  Cedars, Lebanon, 225-229
  Damascus, 143, 150
  Ephesus, Turkey, 77, 79
  Gerard Institute, Saida, Lebanon, 236-238 (237 olive)
  Hasrun, Lebanon, 230
  Mikmas, Syria, 160
  Monte Cassino, Italy, 10-14
  Olive tree, Jerusalem, 339-340
  Pergamus, Turkey, 96
  Sardis, Turkey, 102-103
  Smyrna, Turkey, 105s-107, 114-115
  Souk-Wadi-Barada, Syria, 139
  (near) Sultan Ahmad's Mosque, Constantinople, 67
  Tree of Agony, Jerusalem, 338
  Zabadani, Syria, 161
Tripoli, Lebanon, 243
Troanos' capitals, Baalbek, 180
Tuminello plan, Roma, 23
Turkey, 54s-136
Turkish Quarter, Jerusalem, 394
Tuthmes I's obelisk, Karnak see Obelisks: Touthmes I, Karnak
Tyre, Lebanon, 244-246
Tyropoean Valley, Jerusalem see Valleys: Tyropeoean, Jerusalem

Uffizi (Gallery), Florence, 6-7
Umayad mosque or the Great Mosque, Damascus see Mosques: Umayad, Damascus
Universities see Schools and other institutions of learning

Valetta, Malta, 34s
Valladolid Biblioteca, Spain, 39l
  of the Ashes, Jerusalem, 331
  Hinam, Jerusalem, 333
  Josephat, Jerusalem, 332
  of the Kings see Tombs: of the Kings... Nablus, Palestine, 432
  Saint Ann, Smyrna, Turkey, 115
  Tyropeon, Jerusalem, 335
Van Dyck, Cornelius Van Alen, (plate of room where he translated the Bible), 221
Venus' temple see Temples: Venus ...
Veronica, House of Saint see Houses: Saint Veronica, Jerusalem Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem, 370-371
Viana, De see De Viana Villa de France, Tangiers, 785
Villa Rosazzi, Genova, 8s
Villages, Egypt, 779-784
Virgin Mary's Tree, Cairo see Tree of the Virgin Mary, Cairo

Wady el-Kelt, Jericho, 328
Wassa Pasha, 250s
Water carriers, Egypt, 744s, 747s-752s
Waterfalls see Cascades & waterfalls
  of Job, Palestine, 413
  of Saint Paul, Tarsus, 128
  of the Samaritan, Palestine, 444
Wheat, 405, 763
  Abyssinian, women, 731s
  Arab (Bedouin) women, 164
  Arab girl, Syria, 165s
  Black woman, Egypt, 725s
  Chicken seller, Syria, 163
  Copt lady, 729s
  Dancer, Tangiers, 794, 797-798
  On donkey, Egypt, 774s-775s
  Druze girl with tantour, Lebanon, 253s
  Eating, Egypt, 744s
  European, with umbrellas, Sarls, 1s
  Fellaha, Egypt, 730s
  Fellaha singer, Egypt, 732
  Harem lady, Egypt, 728s
  Peasant women, Egypt, 734s-736
  Peasant women baking markuk on saj, Lebanon, 255
  Sifting grain, Jerusalem, 404s-405
  Singer, Egypt, 732-733
  Turkish woman, veiled (in studio), 75
  Veiled women, 75; & among olive trees, 254
  (Filling) Water jars from Nile, 753
  with Umbrella & baby, Ras Baalbek, Lebanon, 235
  Young woman with headdress & ornaments, Bethlehem, 288
Writer: Arab writer, Babel Ouady, Syria, 167

Yafa, Palestine see Jaffa, Palestine

Zabadani, Syria, 161
Zangaki (Photographer):
  Abrigos, Palestine, 256
  Aswan, Egypt, 501, 505, 507, 510, 513
  Bethany, Palestine, 268
  Bethlehem, 278, 280, 285, 287
  Bethelehem, Road to, 273
  Bicharin family, 738
  Cairo, 523
  Camels, Egypt, 770
  Emmaüs, Palestine, 299
  Fellah, Plowing (Egypt), 769
  Jaffa, Palestine, 314-315
  Jericho, 322-323, 325, 327
    environments: 338-339,
    panorama: 344;
    tombs: 350;
    gates: 360, 362;
    towers: 365;
    streets: 366-367, 369;
    Via Dolorosa: 370-371;
    Holy Sepulchre: 375;
    churches: 386-387;
    houses: 389-390;
    Dome of the Rock: 394;
    general: 410
  Jordan River, 418
  Karnak, Egypt, 619, 626, 641-642
  Mahmal, Cairo, 551
  Medinet Habu, Egypt, 676
  Musicians, Egyptian, 746
  Nile river, 678
  Nubian family, 738
  Ostrich farm, Egypt, 778
  Plowing (Egypt), 769
  Salomon's Pools near Bethlehem, 274
  Sheikh portrait, 460
  Singer fellaha, Egypt, 738
  Thebes, Egypt, 710
  Threshing wheat, Egypt, 763
  Water-carriers, Egyptian, 753-754
  Zeituni, Beirut, 194
Zion, Convent of the Sisters of see Basilicas: Ecce Homo

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