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An Arabic Manuscript:

مجموعة: أربعون حديثا وماية كلمة لعلي ووصية النبي لعلي وألف وماية حديثا في ذم الدنيا ومدح الآخرة

Majmu'ah: Arba’un Hadith ...

An earlier Islamic dynasty that is well represented in this collection is the Abbasid dynasty that reigned in Iraq from 750 to 1258. An early manuscript from this category is a majmu' (MS:297.08:A66aA), a tome containing religious works such as the hadith and the sayings of the Imam 'Ali in addition to charming verses of poetry describing flowers and fruits such as roses and melons, thus describing in words the lavish life style of the Abbasids. The majmu' was copied by Abu Tamam Ahmad ibn Ali al-Baghdadi at Mosul in A.H. 569 / A.D. 1174.

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