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An Arabic manuscript:

ثبت الشيخ حافظ الإسلام برهان الدين إبراهيم بن محمد بن خليل سبط ابن العجمي الحلبي
سبط ابن العجمي، برهان الدين ابراهيم بن محمد

Sabt bin al-Halabi, Burhan al-Din Ibrahim bin Muhammad

This Mamluk manuscript is an autographed copy of al-Halabi's al-Thabt (MS:297.124:S941tA). It is a chronicle of travels in Syria and Egypt mentioning the names of celebrated personalities. The manuscript was produced circa AH 780 / AD 1378, and was written by the author himself, a fact that adds to its value.

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