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An Arabic manuscript:

منهاج الدكان ودستور الأعيان في تراكيب الأدوية النافعة للابدان
العطار الاسرائيلي، داود

Minhaj al-Dukkan
al-'Attar al-Isra'ili, Dawud

It is only natural that the library should have a rich collection of medical manuscripts since the university has a well-established medical faculty, and some of the founders were eminent doctors. One of the medical manuscripts is Dawud al-'Attar al-Isra'ili's Minhaj al-Dukkan (MS:615:A88:v.2), an authoritative treatise on pharmaceuticals copied by Musa bin Shami at Cairo in A.H. 739 / A.D. 1338.

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