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An Arabic Manuscript:

مجموعة: ...الصحيفة الغراء والصحيفة المعروفة بالرحمة والصحيفة المعروفة بالصفرا...( المنسوبة للنبي إدريس. يتبعها رسائل أخرى لمؤلفين مختلفين)
ادريس، النبي

Majmu'ah: ... al-Sahifa
Idris, al-Nabi

One of the earliest dated manuscripts in AUB's collection is a majmu'ah, treatises on philosophy and logic (MS:170:I21saA). It was copied at the port of Alexandria in A.H 486 / A.D. 1093. Very few manuscripts have survived from the Fatimid period in Egypt, and therefore very little is known about their style. This manuscript will be invaluable in any study of that period. An interesting feature of this manuscript is that it was copied in a North African hand that you would expect to find further west in Morocco. It does prove the point that calligraphers like other artists travelled extensively seeking work and patronage even at this early date. An informative feature of this manuscript is the statement on the title page that these works were translated from Greek to Arabic. It was these translations and subsequent translations from Arabic into Latin that saved the classical texts from being lost.

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