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An Arabic manuscript:

باقة الزهور المنمقة في سوالات صح [سؤالات]علم الذمة
(بابيلا، يوسف (الخوري

Baqat al-Zuhur al-Munamaqah fi Sualat 'Ilm ad-Dhimma
Babila, Yusif (al-Khoury)

Another manuscript which was probably produced in a monastery in 'Akka, Palestine is Babila's Baqat al-zuhur al-munamaqah fi sualat 'ilm ad-dhimma (MS:234:B114baA) dated 20th February 1761.This manuscript was copied by both the scribe and his teacher working as a team.

(Note: The page numbers entered in pencil in the manuscript are not all correct. The page numbers of this digitized version are therefore entered in pairs with the pencil page number to the left and the true number to the right.)

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