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An Arabic manuscript:

كتاب التلويح في شرح التوضيح
التفتازاني، سعد الدين مسعود بن عمر

al-Talwih fi Kashf Haqiqat al-Tanqih
al-Taftazani, Saadeddine Masoud bin Omar

The library has managed to acquire manuscripts produced as far away as India. A beautifully illuminated manuscript still in its original binding is al-Taftazani's al-Talwih fi Kashf Haqiqat al-Tanqih (MS:349.1767:TI2tA), a treatise on Islamic theology was copied by Abdul- Wahid al-'Alawl at Ahmadabad in Gujarat, Mughal India in A.H.991/A.D.1583.

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