Object Conservation

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     Object number   A unique number identifying the object or
                     specimens, including any separated parts.

     Object Name     A description of the form, function or
                     type of object.


Conservation material

          The materials used in the conservation of an object.

Conservation method

          The method used in the conservation of an object.

Conservation note

          Additional information about conservation of the object
          which has not been recorded elsewhere using controlled

Recall date

          The date on which the next stage of a conservation process
          is due.


Conservation reference number

          A unique identifying number for the conservation of an
          object or group of objects. It should serve as the reference
          to written documentation of conservation.


          The name of the Person or Organisation treating the object.


Treatment date

          The date on which conservation treatment is completed.


Treatment report

          Detailed description of the conservation treatment undergone
          by an object.

Conservation treatment priority

          A term describing an object's need for Conservation treatment.


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