Object Entry

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     Object number   A unique number identifying the object or
                     specimens, including any separated parts.

     Object Name     A description of the form, function or
                     type of object.

Entry date

   The date on which an object or group of objects enters the museum.


   The Person or Organisation from whom a loaned or temporarily
   deposited object was obtained, if different from the Current owner
   or Lender.

Depositor's requirements

    Requirements made by a depositor or owner concerning the deposit
    of an object or group of objects.

Entry number

    A unique number assigned to the entry of an object or group of
    objects and used to track objects prior to their return or
    acquisition. It should serve as the reference to written
    documentation of objects entering the institution for the first
    time. The number should be the one assigned to an entry form or

Environmental condition date

    The date to which the environmental condition note applies.

Environmental condition note

   A record of the environmental conditions in which an object is kept

Field collector

   The Person or Organisation responsible for collecting a specimen or
   object in the field.

Place - context

   A number or code identifying physical evidence of an archaeological
   event, such as a wall, pit or ditch.

Place - context date

   The date of a context.

Place - context level

   A level within a context.

Field collection date

   The date an object is collected in the field.

Field collection event name

   The name of an event at which the object was collected.

Field collection event reference number

   The unique number assigned to a field collection event. The number
   should also refer to a file containing written documentation about
   the loan.

Geological complex name

   The name of a geological complex from which a geological specimen
   was collected.


   A term describing the surroundings and environment of the area
   where a specimen was collected in the field.

Habitat note

   Additional information about the habitat of the object which has
   not been recorded elsewhere using controlled terminology.

Field collection method

   The method used to excavate or collect an object in the field

Field collection note

   Additional information about the place or method of field
   collection or excavation.

Field collection number

   A number or code assigned to an object collected in the field
   before an Entry number or Object number is assigned.

Field collection place

   The place where an object was excavated or collected in the field.

Place position

   A precise position in a Place , usually to record the finding of a
   specimen in field collection.

Field collection source

   The social, socio-professional, ethnic, etc., groups from which the
   object was collected our bought. May be different from the group of
   production and/or the group use.

Stratigraphic unit name

   The stratigraphic unit from which a field collection was made.

Stratigraphic unit note

   Additional information about a Stratigraphic unit name.

Stratigraphic unit type

   The nature of the Stratigraphic unit name from which a field
   collection was made.

Entry method

   The method by which an object or group of objects is deposited.

Entry note

   Additional information about the deposit of the object which has
   not been recorded elsewhere using controlled terminology.

Special requirements

   Requirements that may be unique or special to a particular object.

Packing note

   Information about the packing of an object or group of object's at
   the time of deposit at the museum.

Entry reason

   The reason for an object or group of objects physically entering
   the museum.



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