Details Metadata

     Reference field    The field to which the detail information belongs

     Object number      A unique number identifying the object or
                        specimens, including any separated parts.

     Object Name        A description of the form, function or
                        type of object.

Amendment history authoriser

   The name of the Person giving final approval for a piece of
   information being added to a record.

Unit of information scheme

   Information recording the classification system, thesaurus or
   termlist from which a recorded term is taken

Information source

   The People , Person or Organisation providing information recorded.

Information source date

   The date information is supplied to be added to the record.

Unit of information added

   The name of the unit of information added to the record or updated.

Recording date

   The date information is added to the record.

Recording progress

   A description of the state of development of information about an


   The Person recording the information.

Record type

   Describes the level of description which the record contains.

Information usage

   Information on the use made of the record and associated resources


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