Details Organisation

     Reference field    The field to which the detail information belongs

     Object number      A unique number identifying the object or
                        specimens, including any separated parts.

     Object Name        A description of the form, function or
                        type of object.

Organisation's address

   The Address where an Organisation can be contacted.

Organisation's contact name

   The representative of an Organisation who is normally liaised with.

Organisation's group

   The social, socio professional, ethnic, or culture group to which
   the Organisation belongs.

Organisation's history

   Information about the history of the Organisation .

Organisation's MDA code

   The MDA-assigned code uniquely identifying an Organisation .

Organisation's main body

   The name of an Organisation .

Organisation's additions to name

   Additional information about the identity of an Organisation .

Organisation's reference number

   A code identifying an Organisation associated with an object.

Organisation's sub-body

   The name of the sub-body of an Organisation .            


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