Details Person

     Reference field    The field to which the detail information belongs

     Object number      A unique number identifying the object or
                        specimens, including any separated parts.

     Object Name        A description of the form, function or
                        type of object.

Person's address

   The Address where a Person can be contacted.

Person's biographical note

   Information about the personal history of a Person .

Person's birth date

   The date on which a Person was born.

Person's place of birth

   The Place where a Person was born.

Person's death date

  The date on which a Person died.

Person's place of death

   The Place where a Person died.

   Person's gender    The sex of a Person .

Person's group

   The group (social, ethnic, cultural) to which a Person belongs or
   which he/she identifies him/herself.

Person's additions to name

   Terms of honour used when the Person is referred to in relation to
   their position or work.

Person's forenames

   A Person's given name.

Person's initials

   The initial letters of the Person's forenames.

Person's name notes

   A note primarily for documentation purposes to explain why the
   particular form of name was chosen; notes to distinguish this
   Person from others with the same name.

Person's surname

   A Person 's family name.

Person's nationality

   A Person 's official current nationality.

Person's occupation

   The occupation or employment of a Person .

Person's title

   The form of address used by a Person .

Person's reference number

   A code identifying a Person associated with an object.

Person's salutation

   The form of greeting used in correspondence.

Person's school/style

   The primary styles in which the Person worked.



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