Details Place

     Reference field    The field to which the detail information belongs

     Object number      A unique number identifying the object or
                        specimens, including any separated parts.

     Object Name        A description of the form, function or
                        type of object.

Place coordinate qualifier

   The measurement of statistical deviation given for a place coordinate.

Place coordinate type

   The locating system used to describe the coordinates of a Place .

Place coordinates

   The precise location of a place expressed according to a chosen system.

Place environmental details

   Environmental information relevant to the object, such as details
   about preservation conditions of the surrounding matrix.

Place - feature date

   The date of the Place feature.

Place - feature

   The name by which a feature associated with the object is normally known.

Place - feature type system

   The classification system from which the Place feature type is taken.

Place - feature type

   The nature or category of Place - feature recorded.

Place name

   The name or title by which the Place is normally known.

Place name type

   The nature or category of Place recorded.

Place note

   Additional information about Place which has not been recorded
   elsewhere using controlled terminology.

Place owner

   The name of the owner of a Place associated with an object.

Place reference number

   A code describing a Place associated with an object, excavation or

Place reference number type

   The nature of category of Place reference number recorded.

Place status

   A formal administrative or scientific status assigned to a place.  


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