The Museum's wealth comes from the variety of categories its objects belong to. Besides the collection of pottery (the largest category), the following are represented: Prehistoric flint tools, bronze figurines, tools and weapons, gold jewelry, Phoenician and classical sculptures and bas-reliefs, Egyptian alabaster vases from Byblos, cippe from Tyre, lead deity figurines from Baalbeck, precious and semi-precious stones intaglios, decorative bone items, hair pins and musical instruments.

Cesnola Collection

This collection comprises pottery from Cyprus dating from the Bronze Age to the Roman Period.


The Museum boasts a collection of about 10,000 coins covering all periods from the first appearance of coinage (5th c. B.C.) until the Islamic Period.


The glass collection includes items from Syria and Palestine, ranging in date from the Phoenician era (700 - 330 BC) to the beginning of the Islamic Period.

Tell el-Ghassil Collection

Located in the Bekaa, this site was excavated by the Museum team between 1956 and 1974. Some of the material excavated, mainly from the Iron Age, is on display at the Museum. Of particular note is funerary material from a multiple burial tomb including a Tell el Yehudiyeh ware goblet with an incised decoration of birds and ducks attributed to the Hyksos period (17th c.- B.C.).

Palmyrenean Alcove

This section houses sculptured Palmyrenean busts dating from the 1st c. B.C. to the 3rd c. A.D.

Egyptian Collection

This collection is composed of figurines representing various deities, amulets, inscriptions, a mummified hand and two mummified hawks.


A wide variety of inscriptions are exhibited including Sumerian administrative clay tablets, Egyptian carved scarabs, Syrian stamp seals, Phoenician stelae and Egyptian ostraca and inscriptions.

Oil Lamps

The evolution of the oil lamp from the Early Bronze Age to the Persian Period is well illustrated.

Terra-Cotta Figurines

Included in this group are fertility goddesses from the Bronze Age through to the classical period.

Islamic Glazed Pottery

An interesting selection of Glazed Islarnic tiles and pottery are on display.

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