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The aim of the Acquisitions Department is to acquire books and audio-visual materials for all Faculties, Departments and Administrative Offices of the University and to promote a rational growth of the Libraries' holdings. The procedures of work are as follows:

1. Order request forms properly filled and signed by the faculty and authorized by the department chairman are received at the Acquisitions Department throughout the whole period of the fiscal year. The Department also accepts orders from professional library staff and heads of administrative departments in the University.

2. Order request forms are checked against the public card catalog, the received and on-order files to verify if material is already available or not.

3. Orders are then verified in various bibliographic tools (Books in Prints, ,Whitaker's Books in Print, etc.) and publishers' Catalogs for availability, price, ISBN number, latest edition and number of volumes and year of publication.

4. Orders are searched in Library of Congress catalogs, CBI, BNB, etc. for correct entry, LC number, series entry if any, etc.

5. The Acquisitions Librarian distributes the orders to various dealers locally and abroad based on origin of order, best discount, etc.

6. All Departments are assigned a fixed fund number to which the orders are charged, and a sequential number for each order. This helps in keeping a record of money allocated, spent or still available. The Accounting Section in the Department, is responsible for assigning the sequential number.

7. Orders are then transferred to the Secretary for typing on multiple order forms of which the original and one copy go to the dealer and the remaining ones to the fund file, on order file, dealer file and claim file (filed monthly and to be claimed regularly).

8. At the same time the orders for the LC cards are typed on LC card forms and sent to the Library of Congress. When LC cards are received, they are filed behind the Corresponding slip in the on-order file.

9. Books and audio-visual materials are received from the dealer with the copy of the request form.

10. Books and audio-visual materials are stamped (A.U.B. Library) when received from the dealer.

11. The slips from the dealer and claim files are removed and compared with the item at hand. The on-order file is checked to verify if LC cards have been received. If yes, both are removed and included in the item to be sent to the Cataloging Department. The dealer file slip is transferred to the received file. Books for which LC cards have not yet been received are held in Acquisitions Dept. until cards are received.

12. Once the items have been cataloged, the on-order slips are returned to the Acquisitions Department. The dealer slips are removed from the received file thus closing the whole process.

13. When reports are received from dealers that the Item is out of stock, the files are annotated accordingly. If the item is permanently out of stock or out of print, all slips are removed, and it is reported cancelled to the department concerned.

14. The claim file is periodically checked in order to claim long pending items.

15. The same procedure applies for materials ordered on department or research grant fund.

16. Arabic language books are mostly ordered by the staff of the Acquisitions Department from various local dealers. Selection is made from catalogs and lists and from regular visits to the bookshops.


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