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Book IV: Diseases involving more than one member.
The cosmetic art

Part 1 of the seven parts, General discourse on fevers, 2 treatises
Treatise 1, on one day fever
 Chapter on essential nature (substance) of fever
 Chapter on those prone to fevers
 Chapter on timings of fevers
 Chapter on recognizing timings of the disease especially its termination (ending)
 Chapter on a general discourse on one day fevers
 Signs of transformation of a one day fever
 Signs of transmittance of a one day fever to other kinds of fevers
 Chapter on treatment of one day fevers in general
 Chapter on kinds of one day fevers
 Chapter on depression (sadness) fever
 Chapter on a one day fever due to worry (concern)
 Chapter on a one day fever due to excessive cogitation
 Chapter on a one day fever due to anger
 Chapter on a one day fever due to staying up (awake) at night
 Chapter on a one day fever due to sleep and relaxation
 Chapter on a one day fever due to excessive joy
 Chapter on a one day fever due to being afraid (scared frightened, terrified)
 Chapter on a one day fever due to fatigue (exhaustion)
 Chapter on a one day fever due to vomiting
 Chapter on a one day fever due to pain
 Chapter on a one day fever due to fainting (syncope)
 Chapter on a one day fever due to hunger
 Chapter on a one day fever due to thurst
 Chapter on a one day fever due to infarction
 Chapter on a one day fever due to fullness (dyspepsia)
 Chapter on a one day fever due to swellings
 Chapter on a one day fever due to living in misery (neglecting daily habits [like bathing])
 Chapter on a one day fever due to heat
 Chapter on a one day fever due to cold water [bathing in]
 Chapter on a one day fever due to astringent water
 Chapter on a one day fever due to alcoholic drinks
 Chapter on a one day fever due to (hot) foods
Treatise 2, general discourse on fevers due to putridity
 Chapter on a general discourse on signs of fevers due to putridity
 Chapter on signs of persistent (fever)
 Chapter on points (issues) some of which differ and some are in common with putridity fevers
 Chapter on signs of fevers symptoms
 Chapter on discourse on ague (feverish chill) and coldness (chilliness) and shivering and (to feel as if) fragmented
 Chapter on indicating full treatment of putridity fevers
 Chapter on nourishing those having fever
 Chapter on code regarding drinking oxymel and barely water
 Chapter on treatments, first on treatments of severe fevers
 Chapter on mentioning symptoms which intensify in severe fevers
 Chapter on managing ague (feverish chill) and shivering and coldness (chilliness) when becoming excessive
 Chapter on managing excessive sweating in fevers`
 Chapter on managing excessive nose bleeding
 Chapter on managing excessive vomiting which afflicts them
 Chapter on managing diarrhea which afflicts them
 Chapter on managing their excessive thirst
 Chapter on lethargy which afflicts them
 Chapter on managing their head heaviness
 Chapter on insomnia (sleeplessness) of those with fever and others
 Chapter on abdomen pain
 Chapter on roughness (coarseness) or viscidity of their tongues
 Chapter on their insistent sneezing
 Chapter on their headaches
 Chapter on managing their coughing
 Chapter on their loss of appetite (anorexia)
 Chapter on their bulimia
 Chapter on blackness of their tongue
 Chapter on fainting (syncope) which afflicts them
 Chapter on their having difficulty in breathing
 Chapter on their intense anguish
 Chapter on difficulty in swallowing which afflicts them
 Chapter on coldness of their limbs which afflicts them
 Chapter on general discourse on biliary fever
 Chapter on tertian fever called [Taritaos]
  Treatment of the true tertian fever
  The accompanying symptoms of tertian fever
  Treatment of the untrue tertian fever
 Chapter on burning fever known as [Farikos]
  Treatment of the burning fever
 A good tried pill
 Chapter on blood fever
  Treatment of blood fever
  On their nourishment
 Chapter on phlegmatic fever
  Signs of the phlegmatic fever known as [Amphimirnous]
  Signs of the persistent fever called [lathqa]
 Chapter on the fever in which chilliness is concealed and hotness is apparent [Igialos]
 Chapter on the fever in which hotness in concealed and chillness is apparent, known as[Lygoria]
 Chapter on the fever in which each of the 2 states is found in one of the 2 locations
 Chapter on the humor trance (or syncopic) fever
 Chapter on the day and night fever of the phlegmatic (fever)
 Treatment of the phlegmatic
 Prescription of the Ipomoea turpenthum R.BR medicine
 Good tried pills
 Good tried cooked Prescription
 On their nourishments
 Rectification of their discharge if in excess
 Rectification of their diarrhea if in excess
 A pill for fever accompanied by chillness
 Treatment of the phlegmatic (fever) known as the persistent fever
 Treatment of [Anphyalos] and [Lygoria]
 Treatment of the humour trance (or syncopic) fever
 Treatment of the thin delicate tender trance (or syncopic) fever
 Managing the day and night (fever)
 Chapter of the quartan fever known as[ Titratlos]
  On signs
 Also a pill with its prescription
 Mentioning of laxatives they need
 Prescription of a light pill
 Nourishment of those with persistent quartan fever
 Treatment of persistnet quartan fever
 Chapter on fifth, sixth and seventh fevers and the like, known as phymatos in Greek, and others call it Dawara
  Treatment of these kinds of fevers
 Chapter on the hectic fever
  Signs of flag (whithering)
 Treatment of the hectic fever
 Cooling medicines
 Another regimen
 Soothing medicines
 On nourishing those with hectic fever
 On rectifying the states following hectic fever
 On formulation
 Chapter on old age hectic fever
  Treatment of old age hectic fever
  Chapter on epidermic fevers and the like, that is smallpox (variola) and measles (Rubeola)
  Discourse on epidemic fevers
  Signs of the epidemic
 Treatments of the epidemic fever
 Protection from an epidemic
 Chapter on smallpox (Variola)
  Signs of smallpox
 Chapter on measles (Rubeola)
  Its formulation
  In winter, should have a continuous fire of tamarix
 Chapter on taking care of the organs and precautions against smallpox and measles (rubeola)
 Chapter on removing the traces of smallpox
 Chapter on fevers due to swellings
 Chapter on their signs and sequences
  Their treatment
 Chapter on states of compound fevers
 Chapter on tertian and phlegmatic fevers
 Chapter on signs of tertian and phlegmatic fevers
 In this fever the third day is like the first and the fourth is like the second
 Chapter on treatment of tertian and phlegmatic fevers
  Its formulation
 Another for the inflamed
 Other pills
 Another good formulation
 Chapter on relapse
Part 2, on presenting information and principles on delirium, 2 treatises
Treatise 1, on delirium and ways to identify it, and identify the good and the bad one
 Chapter on delirium, what is it, and on its sections and sequences
 Chapter on a general discourse on signs of delirium
 Chapter on signs of matter movement upwards, in delirium
 Chapter on signs of vomit
 Chapter on detailing all these signs
 Chapter on the sequence of these mentioned common signs and on particular (signs)
 Chapter on signs of the tendency of matter to turn to sweat
 Chapter on signs of the tendency of matter to turn to the urinary organs
 Chapter on signs of the tendency of matter to turn to the excrement path
 Chapter on signs indicating that delirium may be from the womb (due menstruation)
 Chapter on signs indicating that delirium is due to swelling in the blood vessels of the buttocks
 Chapter on signs that delirium is shifting
 Chapter on sign that shifting is downwards
 Chapter on sign that shifting is upwards
 Chapter on signs that it is developing into a different disease
 Chapter on signs of an abscessed delirium
 Chapter on sequences of such abscess
 Chapter on signs of convulsions (spasms)
 Chapter on signs of a feverish chill
 Chapter on signs indicating a good delirium
 Chapter on signs indicating a bad delirium
 Chapter on sequences of signs indicating bad delirium
 Chapter on signs of full development and its sequences
 Chapter on sequences of signs in general
 Chapter on mentioning the good signs
 Chapter on sequences of the bad signs
 Chapter on mentioning the bad signs
 Chapter on bad signs related to appearance and color
 Chapter on signs derived from the headache
 Chapter on bad signs derived from the senses
 Chapter on signs in the eye
 Chapter on signs derived from the nose
 Chapter on signs derived from the ear
 Chapter on signs derived from the teeth
 Chapter on signs derived from the tongue and mouth and what follows
 Chapter on signs derived from the states of the throat and the esophagus and surroundings
 Chapter on signs derived form the stomach and its tip
 Chapter on bad signs derived from the breathing organs
 Chapter on signs derived from the shape of the blood vessels
 Chapter on bad signs derived from slackening of the body and recumbency and feebleness
 Chapter on signs derived from situation of recumbency
 Chapter on bad signs derived from the skin
 Chapter on signs derived from the abdomen and around the epigastrium
 Chapter on signs derived from the buttocks
 Chapter on signs derived from the penis and the testicles
 Chapter on signs derived from the wombs
 Chapter on bad signs derived from the limbs
 Chapter on signs derived from timing of sleep and wakefulness
 Chapter on bad signs derived from the action of the hand
 Chapter on signs derived from pains
 Chapter on signs derived from the voice and speech and silence
 Chapter on signs derived from the brain
 Chapter on signs derived from movements
 Chapter on signs derived from delusions
 Chapter on signs derived from yawning and stretching
 Chapter on signs derived from dreams
 Chapter on signs derived from appetite and thurst
 Chapter on sequences and deductions from jaundice
 Chapter on signs derived from swellings
 Chapter on signs derived from shape of pustule and the like
 Chapter on signs derived from the shape of blood vessels
 Chapter on signs derived from feverish chills
 Chapter on sequences of vomiting
 Chapter on sequences of sweating
 Chapter on abundant sweating
 Chapter on difference in sweating among organs and the contrary
 Chapter on difference in sweating states and others
 Chapter on days with abundant sweating and those with little (sweating)
 Chapter on indications from states of the sweat
 Chapter on signs derived from sweating
 Chapter on signs derived from pulse
 Chapter on sequences of nosebleeding
 Chapter on signs derived from nosebleeding
 Chapter on signs derived from sneeze
 Chapter on sequences of feces
 Chapter on sequences of vomit
 Chapter on signs derived from vomit
 Chapter on sequences of the urine
 Chapter on urinary signs derived from little or abundant (urine)
 Chapter on signs derived from thinness of urine
 Chapter on signs derived form thickness of components and turbidity (of urine)
 Chapter on sequences of white urine in severe diseases
 Chapter on black urine in severe diseases
 Chapter on the red color of urine in severe diseases
 Chapter on signs derived form urinary sediment
 Chapter on signs derived from gathered states due to different signs in color and urine components, and first in fatty urines
 Chapter on bad signs derived from the way the urine separates
 Chapter on several bad signs in urine
 Chapter on bad signs in sick people when different signs get assembled in one sick person
 Chapter on signs of a long duration sickness
 Chapter on signs that sickness will be over following a delirium or a release
 Chapter on sequences of a relapse
 Chapter on signs of a relapse
 Chapter on causes of death
 Chapter on types of death which afflict during fevers and signs on how thesick will die
 Chapter on signs of death without delirium
 Chapter on states of exposure (to a relapse), after convalescence
 Chapter on managing the convalescent
 Chapter on nourishing the convalescent
 Chapter on actions of sickness
Treatise 2, of part 2, on timings of delirium, its days (duration), and its fits
 Chapter on initiation of illness, and reckoning its start
 Chapter on cause of delirium days and fits
 Chapter on comparing delirium days with each other regarding strength, weakness and in comparison to illnesses
 Chapter on delirium days of middle category
 Chapter on delirium days of middle category and its weakness
 Chapter on good and bad days in sequence whether delirious or set in the middle or warning days
 Chapter on days which are not delirious, and not in the first or second categories
 Chapter on warning days
 Chapter on knowing the delirium days if in doubt
 Chapter on illustrating the relationship between delirium days and most illness
Part 3, Comprehensive discourse on swelling and pustules, 3 treatises
Treatise 1, on the hot and bad (swellings and pustules)
 Chapter on hot swellings and pustules
 Chapter on phlegmonous (phlelgmonosis)
 Chapter on treatment of phlegmonous
 Chapter on erysipelas and its types
 Chapter on treatment of erysipelas
 Chapter on millet dartre
 Chapter on treatment of dartre
 Chapter on millet darter from the darter types
 Chapter on carbuncle and persian fire (erysipelas) and others
 Chapter on treatment of the carbuncle and Persian fire
 Chapter on blisters (vesicants) and swellings (intumescences)
 Chapter on treatment of blisters (vesicants) and swellings (intumescences)
 - Prescription of a compound medicine
 - A good tried old medicine adopted by some contemporary (people)
 Chapter on Cnidosis
 Chapter on treatment of cnidosis
 Chapter on gangrenous sore and deterioration of an organ and difference between gangrene and bone decay gangrene
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on plagues
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on swellings in the glands
 Chapter on hot abscess (abscessus)
 Chapter on signs indicating if the swelling is an abscess
 Chapter on indications of maturity and its sign
 Chapter on states of pus
 Chapter on signs of an interior abscess
 Chapter on signs of maturity of the interior abscess
 Chapter on signs indicating closeness of the interior (abscess) to outburst
 Chapter on treatment of external abscess
 Chapter on managing the maturity and using artifice to cause suppuration inan external abscess
 Chapter on managing external abscess when mature
 Chapter on outburst of external (abscess)
 Chapter on managing an internal abscess
 Chapter on the furuncles
 Chapter on treatment of furuncles
 Chapter on hemorrhoids
Treatise 2, on cold swellings and what goes on with it of cold humors and what goes on with it in the body, of phlegm and melancholia and flatus and the compound ones, which are known
 Chapter on phlegmatic loose swelling known as edema
 Chapter on the treatment of a loose swelling
 Chapter on chap
 Chapter on treatment of chap
 Chapter on glands (glandular swellings)
 Chapter on glandular pustules
 Chapter on swelling behind the ear [Fojthela]
 Chapter on scrofula (king’s evil)
  Prescription of a good medicine
 Chapter on solid swellings
 Chapter on rheumatism
 Chapter on what is known as cornes (on the toes)
 Chapter on cancer
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on managing to loosen it
 Chapter on mentioning topical medicines for cancer
 Chapter on flatulence swellings and distention of muscles
 Chapter on treatment
  Good moderate lotion
 Chapter on [Madini] vein
 Chapter on treatment
Treatise 3, on leprosy
 Chapter on what is leprosy and its cause
 Chapter on signs
 Chapter on treatment
  Cooked [medicine] for leprotics
  Formulation of a snuff
  Compound medicines good for them
  Cream formulation known as [Bizrijli Al Akbar] (grand bizri- acompound medicine)
  Cream formulation [Al Salakha] base on (urine of the Ibex-mountain goat)
  Burned steel formulation
  Formulation known as [Al Salakha al soughra] (based on urine of the Ibex-mountain goat)
 A good medicine formulation for leprosy
 A leprosy liniment formulation
 Another liniment formulation
Part 4, On loss of continuity, except what is related to fracture and splinting, 4 treatises
Treatise 1, general discourse on wounds (cuts, injuries)
 Chapter on a general discourse on loss of continuity
 Chapter on generalities regarding wounds (cuts)
 Chapter on a general discourse on treatment of wounds
 Chapter on defining the strength of medicines which promote (growth) and which fuse and which are erosive
 Chapter on slitting open the wound and other if it is to be uncovered
 Chapter on managing wounds with swellings and with pain
 Chapter on managing wounds of bowels, internal and apparent (external)
 Chapter on method to swathe wounds
 Chapter on medicines which fuse wounds
 Chapter on medicines which heal and seal wounds and others
  Prescription of a linen cream
  Prescription of a mild powder
  Another powder
  Prescription of a cream for wounds in elderly people
  Chapter on medicines promoting flesh formulation in wounds and ulcers
  Chapter on treatment of fracture wounds
Treatise 2, On tears and bruises and lacerations and dislocations and tumble and collision and rupture and bleeding and the like
 Chapter on preface
 Chapter on laceration and rend
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on tumble and stumbling with a stone or a wall or other
 Chapter on treatment
 Prescription of a good pill
 Prescription of a tried compound medicine
 Chapter on tumble and hit on the stomach and the intestines
 Chapter on someone hit with a whip and the like and his treatment
 Chapter on dislocation
 Chapter on tears including tear of the sole
 Chapter on pricking and ruptures, and extracting out any thorns, arrows and bones
 Chapter on pulling (drawing) medicines
 Chapter on the code of treatment of fire burns
 Chapter on burn medicines of the first degree
 Chapter on burn medicines of the second degree
  Another formulation of a lime (depilatory agent) cream
 Chapter on burns due to boiling water
 Chapter on blood bleeding and clotting
 Chapter on the code of treating blood bleeding
 Chapter on formulations for different compound medicines effective in stopping bleeding
Treatise 3, on ulcers and related kinds
 Chapter on general discourse on ulcers
 Chapter on the code for treating ulcers
 Chapter on treatment of pus ulcers
 Chapter on treatment of dirty ulcers
 Chapter on treatment of cavernous ulcers
 Chapter on treatment of maggots (worms) in ulcers
 Chapter on promoting flesh formation in ulcers
 Chapter on treatment of eaten away ulcers with no rot
 Chapter on treatment of rotten and bad ulcers
  Formulation of a compound medicine
  A tried medicine of highest degree
 Chapter on treatment of a difficult – to heal ulcers and on extremely bad ulcers
 Prescription of a medicine gathered by Galen and others
 Prescription of a good golden cream
 Chapter on treatment of fistulas and skins which don’t heal
  A prescription of a medicine used by Alexandrians
 Chapter on extra flesh on wounds
 Chapter on managing of catabolic ulcers after healing
 Chapter on ulcer and wound scars
Treatise 4, on loss of continuity in nerves, and what is not related to mending due to loss of continuity of bones.
 Chapter on wounds of the nerve and what follows and nerve ulcers
 Chapter on code of treatment of loss of continuity of nerves
 Chapter on medicines for nerve and ulcer wounds
 Chapter on swells which afflict a wounded nerve
 Chapter on bruise and dislocation of the nerve
 Chapter on stiffness and bending of the nerve
 Chapter on stating bone diseases
 Chapter on malignant ulcer (usually happens in the pollex) and bone decay
 Chapter on signs of bone decay
 Chapter on its treatment
 Chapter on removing (flesh) from decayed bones
 Chapter on what remains from bone splinters in healed ulcers
  Its formulation
 Chapter on medicines for broken bones
 A liniment for bone fracture and dislocation
  A medicine beneficial for bone fracture and dislocation accompanied by a hot swelling
Part 5, on splinting, 3 treatises
Treatise 1, on dislocation and what is related to it
 Chapter on general discourse on dislocation
 Chapter on signs of a complete dislocation
 Chapter on signs of bend
 Chapter on signs of an increase in the length of the joint without dislocation
 Chapter on treatment of bend and dislocation
 Chapter on treatment of long joints
 Chapter on dislocation of the jaw
 Chapter on dislocation of the clavicle
 Chapter on dislocation of the shoulder
 Chapter on signs of dislocation of the brachium
 Chapter on treatments
 Chapter on dislocation of the shoulder by itself
 Chapter on dislocation of the small bone at the tip of the shoulder
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on dislocation of the elbow
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on dislocation of the wrist (carpus) joint
 Chapter on dislocation of the fingers and its signs
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on detachment of the wrist bones
 Chapter on dislocation of the vertebra
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on dislocation of the coccyx
 Chapter on dislocation of the hip
 Chapter on signs
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on dislocation of the knee
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on dislocation of the patella (rotula)
 Chapter on dislocation of the calcaneum joint at the heel bone
 Chapter on dislocation of the foot bones
Treatise 2, a word of principles on fracture
 Chapter on a general discourse on fracture
 Chapter on sequences of bone setting and antisetting
 Chapter on principles related to bone setting and dressing
 Chapter on recommendations for the orthopedist
 Chapter on a suspensory for each set organ
 Chapter on specifications for bandages and pads
 Chapter on methods of dressing in details
 Chapter on specifications for dressing tools (materials)
  Chapter on method of using dressings and changing them in details
 Chapter on fracture with injury
 Chapter on mal bone setting of the fracture
  Chapter on fracture liniments and what follow their course
 Chapter on liniments not to be used and what follows their course, and those which emend itching
 Chapter on liniments which harden bones
 Chapter on management of bone modification
 Chapter on a good arrangement and medicines which soften a hard joint
 Chapter on fortifiers for relaxation
 Chapter on using hot water and fat
 Chapter on nourishing the patient
 Chapter on what to do following fracture and dressing to face consequences if something goes wrong
 Chapter on a very bad fractured bone
Treatise 3, on osteoclasis (fracture) of each organ
 Chapter on fracture of the skull (cranium)
 Chapter on fracture of the jawbone
 Chapter on fracture of the nose
 Chapter on fracture of the clavicle (collarbone)
 Chapter on fracture of the shoulder
 Chapter on fracture of the sternum (breastbone)
 Chapter on fracture of the ribs
 Chapter on fractures which might afflict the vertebrae
 Chapter on fracture of the brachium
 Chapter on fracture of the forearm (cubitus)
 Chapter on fracture of the wrist (carpus)
 Chapter on fracture of the finger bones
 Chapter on fracture of the sacrum and the hip
 Chapter on fracture of the thigh
 Chapter on fracture of any round bone (as the knee pan) (knee-pan)
 Chapter on fracture of the leg (shank)
 Chapter on fracture of the calcaneous (heelbone)
 Chapter on fracture of the heel
 Chapter on fracture of the toes
Part 6, General discourse on poisons, 5 treatises
Treatise 1, On basics of what is known regarding ingested poisons, and detailed discourse on treatments of poisons, not of animal [origin], and others
 Chapter on a general discourse on how to safeguard from ingested poisons and their treatment
 Chapter on a general discourse on ingested poisons
 Chapter on seeking guidance about types of poisons
 Chapter on bad signs
 Chapter on code of treating someone who ingested a poison
 Chapter on common(combined) medicines [antidotes] for poisons
 Chapter on solid poisons, metallic and others -lapis armeniacus or lapis pazuli
 Chapter on mercury
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on litharge or dross of silver and lead oxide filings
  Chapter on its treatment
 Chapter on lead carbonate or bicarbonate, ceruse, white water
 Chapter on its treatment
 Chapter on gypsum
 Chapter on cinnabar (vermilion) and [sukk](the fruit of Chinese Phyllantus emblica, but when no available, what is used is a compound medicine composed of gall oak, pomegranate skin, unripe dates and musk
 Chapter on verdigris
 Chapter on iron filings and its slag
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on lime and arsenic
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on soap water
 Chapter on vitriol and alum
 Chapter on drinking cold water on an empty stomach
 Chapter on vegetal poisons, Aconitum ferox and Aconitum uncinatum
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on spikenard
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on cicuta or Conium maculatum
 Its treatment
 Chapter on Euphorbia resini fera BERG or any kind of Euphorbia
 Its treatment
 Chapter on Euphorbia milks (seven mentioned by Avicenna)
 Chapter on Convolvolus scammonia
 Chapter on Daphne mesereum I. and Cardapatium Corymbosum PERS
 Chapter on treatment
  Chapter on Nerium oleander
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on semecarpus anacardium
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on Ranunculus asiaticus
 Chapter on Delphinium staphisagria
 Chapter on Peganum harmala
 Chapter on Thapsia garganicai
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on Reseda alba
 Chapter on Croton tiglium
 Chapter on Gypsophila struthium and Helleborus albus and Cyclamen europaeum or Leontice leontopetalum and juice of Ecballium elaterium and a bad type of Nigella and black agaric (Agaricus)
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on Helleborus niger
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on Daphne gnidium
 Chapter on Typha latifolia
 Chapter on oil cake of Ricinus communis and sesame
 Chapter on castorium (oily matter from the beaver Castor canadensis)
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on wild scilla
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on Aconitum lycoctonum andAconitum napellus HAYME
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on Melia azedarachta
 Chapter on rice husks
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on nettle (urtica) seeds
 Chapter on Ipomoea turpethium R.BR.
 Chapter on Ranunculus sardous CRANTZ
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on [Tobiyon] [Tonyon] (Avicenna does not know what it is)
 Chapter on rancid seeds pulbs
 Chapter on drinks (juices, syrups, etc) especially on an empty stomach
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on bad honey
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on viscum album (mistletoe)
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on cold poisonous medicines of vegetal origin- opium
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on Datura metal
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on Mandragora officinarum
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on Convolvulus oleofolius DERS or Datura stramonium
 Chapter on Hyoscyamus niger or albus, or Datura fatuosa or Cannabis sativa
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on Conium maculatum, Cicuta,Hyoscyanus niger
 Chapter on Physalis alkekenge or solanum nigrum 1. or Datura Stramonium or withania somnifera DON
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on moist coriander
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on plantago psyllium
 Chapter on mushrooms and bad truffles
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on [siham Armenyya] (Armenian arrows)
Treatise 2, On ingested animal poisons
 Chapter on animals which their bodies kill or rot (decay, decompose)
 Chapter on Cantharis
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on Alpysia depilens
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on gecko and chameleon (chamaeleo)
 Chapter on Agama stellio
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on Lacerta (lizard)
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on Rana esculenta (green frog) and marine red (russet frogs)
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on yellow frogs
 Chapter on treatment
 The other part of this section is cold fish
 Chapter on covered barbecued meat and bad meat
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on the second category (type) of animal (poisons)
 Chapter on snake gall bladder
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on tiger gall bladder
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on gall bladder of dogfish (roussette)
 Chapter on the extremity of the deer (Cervus) tail
 The third category (type) of animal (poisons), fresh ox blood
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on animal sweat
 Chapter on chameleon eggs
 Chapter on soured milk
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on coagulated blood
 Chapter on common medicines for that
 Chapter on treatment of clotted blood in the stomach and bladder (vesica)
 Chapter on clotted milk in the stomach
 Chapter on treatment
Treatise 3, on general management of bites (stings) and driving away (repelling) insects, and on signs of snake bites and their types
 Chapter on a general discourse on treatment codes
 Chapter on drinks (beverages) for stings
 A beneficial medicine for all stings
 Chapter on liniments for stings
 Chapter on liniments when spread on the body will keep vermins (pasts)
 Chapter on total repelling of vermins (pests)
 Chapter on materials mentioned by people which kill predators
 Chapter on repelling snakes
 Chapter on repelling and killing scorpions
 Chapter on an incense which drives out scorpions
 Chapter on expelling fleas
 Chapter on expelling mosquitos and bugs
 Chapter on expelling the weasel
 Chapter on expelling and killing the mouse
 Chapter on expelling ants
 Chapter on expelling flies
 Chapter on expelling wasps (hornets)
 Chapter on expelling beetles
 Chapter on expelling woodworms
 Chapter on expelling mites (moths)
 Chapter on snake types
 Chapter on the bite of Naja haje (Egyptian cobra)
 Chapter on the signs of its bite
 Chapter on the bite of Naja morgani
 Chapter on signs of the bite of a snake called rapid (swift), from thedeaf type
 Chapter on the bite of the stiff snake, from the deaf type
 Chapter on the bite of the spitting and stiff snake types
 Chapter on the bite of the Cerastes (horned viper )
 Chapter on the sign of its bite
 Chapter on the snake called Coluber nutrix and [Kdosudros]
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on [Athdries] (Avicenna is hesitant regarding its kind)
 Chapter on a general discourse regarding snakebites and their sequences
 Chapter on treatment of snake bites to be taken as a code
 Chapter on other praised drinks for snake bites
 Chapter on external dressings
 Chapter on snakes which cause blood to come out of the body like [Amoryos] and Raia [Bastisse] both could be marine animals
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on the snake which induces thirst
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on jumping snake
 Chapter on hamadryad, hannah
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on millet snake
 Chapter on a snake known as [Basistali]
 Chapter on the varigated snake with different colours
 Chapter on the [Barstaies] snake
 Chapter on [Fanjernyoss]
 Chapter on [Ammothodies] and [Muaa'rouss]
 Chapter on their treatment
 Chapter on a snake called [syser] the putrid
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on other snakes which their bite harms, due to the wound and not due to poison, and they are the very big snakes
  On dragons
 Chapter on [Agathnimon] and [Alsier]
 Chapter on the Trachinus droco bite
 Chapter on two marine animals
 Chapter on Muraena
 Chapter on Rajidae’ (Raiae)
Treatise 4, On human and animal (quadrupeds) bites
 Chapter on a general discourse on treatment of the bite
 Chapter on the bite of a human to another
 Chapter on the bite of a domestic dog with no rabies (not hydrophobic) and the bite of a wolf and the like
 Chapter on the features of a dog, wolf and jackal with rabies
 Chapter on (animals) which cause rabies other the mentioned ones
 Chapter on the states of one bit by a hydrophobic dog
 Chapter on the difference between the bite of a hydrophobic dog and that of a sane dog
 Chapter on treatment
  A good laxative prescription for them
 Chapter on potion medicines
  Formulation of the cantharis medicine good for them
  A condensed formulation of the cantharis medicine
 Chapter on dressings and the like for hauling (absorbing) and dilation (dilatation)
 Chapter on using trickery to (force him) to drink water
 Chapter on bite of a tiger, cheetah (leopard, panther), lion and wounds of their claws (talons)
 Chapter on the bite of a crocodile (alligator, Caimar)
 Chapter on the bite of a monkey
 Chapter on the bite of a cat
 Chapter on the bite of a weasel
 Chapter on the bite of a Mustelidae
 Chapter on treatment
Treatise 5, on stings of insects and araneids (Araneida) and their bites
 Chapter on kinds of wild scorpions
 Chapter on what occurs due to their stings
 Chapter on treatment
  A good antidote prescription for them
  A good antidote for this
  Prescription of a military medicine
 Chapter on other potions
 Chapter on liniments and dressings
 Chapter on the [jarrara] (a kind of scorpion)
 Chapter on its treatment
  Its formulation
  Another antidote
 Chapter on kinds of spiders, tarantulus and araneids
 Chapter on someone exposed to a bite by araneids in general and in details
 Chapter on treatment
  A good antidote prescription
 Chapter on the rest of drinks (potions)
  Prescription of a tried antidote for that
 Chapter on liniments prescription and the like
  Prescription of a good dressing
 On lotions (ointments)
 on douching
 Chapter on tarantula and its treatment
 Chapter on spider and its treatment
 Chapter on two (animals) (mentioned by learned doctors)
 Chapter on another (animal) called [Mogrenita]
 Chapter on animalculi known as raza in persian and samlouky in Greek and taghanos in indian
 Chapter on its treatment
 Chapter on phtirius pubis (crab louse) and coccidium
 Chapter on vespa stings
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on bee stings and treatment
 Chapter on flying ants and something resembling them
 Chapter on geckos and lizard (lacerta)
 Chapter on Iula (Iulus), Scolopendra
 Chapter on Lacerta bite
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on ground and marine Iula (Iulus)(Avicenna says he doesn’t know them)
 Chapter on scorpaena (scorpion fish)
 Chapter on marine spider ( a kind of crab)
 Chapter on the bite of the marine red frog
 Chapter on a general treatment of poisonous marine vermines and pests
Part 7, On Cosmetics, 4 treatises
Treatise 1, On hair conditions and lichen
 Chapter on the substance of hair
 Chapter on the voidness of hair
 Chapter on medicines which preserve the hair
  Of the compounds
 Chapter on a medicine which preserves eyebrow hair (supercilia)
 Chapter on hair elongaters
  A good compound
  Another preparation attributed to Al-Kindi ( a doctor)
 Chapter on strong hair growers and it contains treatment of what could be treated regardingbaldness and falling of eyebrow hair and the like
  Also by [Korayten] ( a doctor)
  Also for the supercilia (eyebrows)
  A medicine which induces growth of eyebrows hair
 Chapter on what causes tinea (ringworm) and ophiasis
 Chapter on treatment
  A useful strong stain prescription
 Chapter on what shaves off the hair
 Chapter on treatment of someone burnt by lime (depilatory agent)
 Chapter on what cuts off the smell of the depilatory agent
 Chapter on anti-hair growers
 Chapter on hair curling (or curlers)
 Chapter on what causes lank hair
 Chapter on hair cleavage (breaking)
 Chapter on what causes the hair to become tenuous
 Chapter on youth (indicating black hair) and hoary (gray hair)
 Chapter on what slows down getting gray hair
  A good mild cream prescription
 Chapter on stains inhibiting (covering) gray hair
  A good ointment
  A good stain
  A good coating
 Chapter on mentioning dyes (dyestuffs, tinctures)
 Chapter on blackeners (henna and Indigo fera tinctoria)
  A good dye prescription
 Chapter on a praised boiled (cooked) (prescription)
 Chapter on (preparations for) turning blond (blondness) and the like
  A strong scarlet (dye)
 Chapter on whiteners
 Chapter on rectifying(hair) transformations which follow dying
 Chapter on lichen
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on soft lichen medicines, which don’t cause much burning
 Chapter on stronger lichen medicines
 Chapter on a medicine said to have been tried and found good
Treatise 2, On the conditions of the skin regarding color
 Chapter on causes for change in color
 Chapter on causes for the yellow color
 Chapter on things which improve color through glittering and reddening and soft clarity
  A good lotion
  A good overspread
  A strong overspread
 Chapter on protecting the skin from the sun, wind and cold
 Chapter on a hit- mark and black marks
  A good liniment for this
 Chapter on marks of ulcers and smallpox
 Chapter on degenerated (dead) blood and stain freckles and freckles
  This medicine is
  A good pill
  A good medicine for the wakeful
  Its formulation
 Chapter on tattoo and its treatment
 Chapter on redness and excessive redness (inflammatory appearance of the face)
 Chapter on vitiligo and white and black leukoderma
 Chapter on signs
 Chapter on treatment of black vitiligo
  A useful powder for it and for black leukoderma
 A good liniment prescription
 Chapter on treatment of vitiligo and leukoderma
  A tried preparation
  Indian liniment
  A liniment prescription with many components used forAl-Mu’tassem
  A good liniment for the wakeful
  A good mild liniment
  Also for Oribasius (a doctor)
  Another for Jibril (a doctor)
  A royal prescription
  A good liniment
  A tincture, we tried (ourselves)
  Another tincture
 Chapter on treatment of black leukoderma
Treatise 3, on what afflicts the skin, not in color
 Chapter on porrigo (ringworm, tinea) and erysipelas and bad porrigo and blackened ulcers
 chapter on treatment
  A good medicine prescription
  A very good medicine prescription
 Chapter on topical medicines for dry porrigo
  A prescription of a good medicine for the dry and dewy porrigo
  A very useful strong and tried medicine of ours
 Chapter on herpes (impetigo)
 Chapter on treatment of herpes
 Chapter on topical treatment
  A good medicine prescription
  From the compounds
 Chapter on white pustules
 Chapter on poser (scabies) and itch
 Chapter on treatment
  A good cooked (preparation)
  A good seed: Fumaria officinalis
 A good strong medicine for the chronic case
 Also a similar to this cream
 A good medicine
 A laxative medicine
 Chapter on hidroa
 Chapter on its treatment
 Chapter on night itching
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on wart (verruca), corns, and the like
 Chapter on treatment
 on a mild compound
 Chapter on corns
 Chapter on fissures on the skin and lip and extremities and all over the body skin
 Chapter on treatment of fissures in general
 Chapter on treatment of lip fissures
 Chapter on leg fissures
 Chapter on treatment
  A good treatment of ours (Aricenna)
 Chapter on the hand fissures
 Chapter on fissures between the toes
 Chapter on buttocks ulcers (due to lying down)(a disease in the buttocks)
 Chapter on bad odor of skin, folds, urine and feces
 Chapter on treatment of bad odor of skin in general
 Chapter on odor of the armpit and its treatment
  A good pill
 Chapter on a prescription of a powder which gives the body a sweet smell and is useful for those with hot temperaments
 Chapter on strong bad smell of excrement and flatulence and its treatment
 Chapter on the malodorous of urine
 Chapter on lice
 Chapter on treatment
 A good arrangement
Treatise 4, on states related to the body and extremities, it completes the book of cosmetic art
 Chapter on dowing away with being thin (emaciation)
 Chapter on treatment
  A good arrangement
  An arrangement by [Al- Kindi] ( a doctor)
  A good arrangement for emaciation
  A good arrangement for those having fever
  A miraculous medicine
  For those who feel cold
  Another known (medicine)
  A potion for them
 Its formulation
 Chapter on fattening each organ like the arm, or the leg or the lip or the nose or the foreskin or the penis
 Chapter on the disadvantages (defects) of obesity(overweight)
 Chapter on weight decrease (regimen)
  A prescription of a compound medicine
  A strong medicine
 Chapter on emaciating partial organs like the breast, the testicle, the arm the leg and the like
  Its formulation
 Chapter on whitlow (felon)
 Chapter on treatment
  A healing medicine for felon (whitlow)
 A good cream mentioned by (Foles)
  A cream having this prescription
  A good cream
 Chapter on onyxis (ingrowing nail) and breaking and cleavage and scabies of nails
 Chapter on contraction and arching (or curving) and leprosy which afflict the nail
 Chapter on treatment
 Chapter on tricks to pull out a nail which is bad in its form and color and other defects, to let grow a sane nail
 Chapter on taking care of a growing nail
 Chapter on leprosy on the nails
 Chapter on yellow color afflicting the nails
 Chapter on nail bruises (contuses)
 Chapter on clotted blood under the nail due to a bruise

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