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Hand written Theses for the Degree of Master in Pharmacy

from the Syrian Protestant College

In the year


Beirut, Lebanon

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Volume S49-A51p-1912 has these errors in binding:

  • The first page is the title page of Moses Hausdorff's "Strong Mineral Acids", the actual pages of which come after the short these on Oleic Acids.
  • The first these in the volume, A. Halaby's "Clean Milk" which follows immediately Hausdorff's title page, does not itself have a title page.
  • The second these in the volume is Habib Taktak's "Oleic Acids" which consists of 16 numbered pages which then immediately continues into a thesis in a completely different handwriting on various strong acids of 90 numbered pages assumed to be the Hausdorff theses.
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