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(240) 34. GALEGA L. (1753).

		Calyx bell-shaped, 5-toothed. All the stamens connate in a closed
tube, anthers muticous. Ovary sessile, manyovuled, style filiform, 
capitate. Pod linear, nearly terele, with parallel nerves converging 
the middle of the valves- Perennial herbs, with odd-pinnate leaves, and
axillary and terminal racemes.

		I. G. officinalis L. 0753) Goat's-rue (ii. igi; H. i. 42 7).-.6 to I, 
more, glabrous, stem wavy. Leaf - lets 5-8 pairs, oblong to oblong-
lanceolate, mucronate. Racemes rather dense, longer than leaf. Calyx-
lobes subulate from a triangular base, longer than tube. Corolla .oi 
bluish. Pods linear, .04 long, .002 thick, torulose, tapering at 
Damp places. No. Aleppo (Gron6v. 213); Coelesyr. (Tr), at Shtawrah a
white var. (G. persica Pers. (1807); var. albiflora Boiss. z872) has 
introduced (P).



FIG. 255-

	Part of 
stem of G.
alis, x 1 /3.
(241) 	35. TEPEIROSIA PERS. 0807; Cracca L. 1753) 

		Calyx bell-shaped, nearly equallY 5-toothed. Standard broad, silky,
keel obtuse. Stamens monadelpkous, the vexillar filament at length free

almost to base. Ovary 2-many-ovuled, stigma'	FIG. 
glabrous or bearded. Pod linear, flattened,
bivalved, leeds flattened-Shrubs, with odd- FIG. 256.
pinnate leaves, and racemes opposite the

	I. T. Apollinea (Del.) Link (1822;
DC. ( 18 2 5) ; Gal. A p. Del. 1813) 5 (ii - 19 2
M. 512; Uw, ii. 522).-.3 tO .6, appressed-
canescent, branches slender, erect, flexuous.
LeafletS 2-5 pairs, oblong, retuse, canescent-
silky on both sides. Racemes loose, few-
flowered, longer than leaves. Calyx-lobes
triangular-lanceolate, somewhat longer than
tube. Pods oblong, somewhat falcate, .04
long, .004 broad, appressed hairy.--Oct.-April. Rocky and
sandy places. Pal. Callirrhoi~ (Eig), 'Ayn-Zar'a (Reichert
in Eig), Ghawr-ul-Mazra' (D), Sinai: (Schimp. exs.
436, in Bo), Widi-Sahdi (Schenk), W. and E. Sinai

Raceme of
T. Appollinea.

	(T. ftrpiffea Pers. (z8o8) is reported by Kaiser from 
Pod of T.
the Mt. Sipai dist., not found by others.) 

(243) 36. ROBINIA L. (1753) LOCUST.

		Deci(luous trees, spreading freely from underground parts. Leaves
alternate, with small stipules, usually spinose, odd-pinnate; leaflets
stalked, entire, stipeflate. Flowers skowy, in hanging axfllary
racemes. Calyx