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(527) 18. RHYNCHOCORYS GRISI~B. (1844)

		Calyx laterally compressed, bilabiate, the upper lip bidentate or retuse ., the lower bifid. CoroUa tube short, cuneatecampanulate, the galea tapering into a long proboscis-like beak with conduplicate margins, forming a sheath to the style, the lower lip spreading, 34obed. Stamens ddynamous, with short filaments, anthers oblique, glabrous, with equal, muticous ceIls. Capsule globzdar, more or less flattened, the valves coherent by means of the paitition. Seeds definite in number, striate or ribbed-Annual or perennial herbs, with opposite leaves.

		i. R. Boissieri Pbst (1893) (D (Bull. Herb. Boiss. i. 1. 14).-.3 tO .5, crisp-papillose, turning black in drying; stems weak, simple or sparingly branched. Leaves very short-petioled, elliptical, cordate or truncate at base, crenate-dentate. Flowers axillary, solitary, forming a Iong, leafy, one-sided raceme; upper lip of calyx broader and once and a half to twice as long as lower, scarcely notched at tip, lower lip bilobed; corolla yellow, the galea gibbous above, e-nding in an awl-shaped toothless beak, oo6 to =8 long, furnished on each side at base with a triangular, recurved lobule, and expanded at tip into a minute lamina, lower lip broader than long, obtuselY 3-lobed; capsule glabrous; seeds 15-20, minutely tubercled.-July. Middle zone of Amanus (PH).

(628) ig. RHINANTHUS L. (1753; Atectorolopkus Boehm.

0785-9); Moench, 1794).

		Calyx inflated, flattened, 4-toothed. Corolla-tube cylindrical, galea ovate, obtuse,'compressed, somewhat 2-toothed near tip, lower Ep shorter, spreading, 3-lobed. Stamens didynamous, anthers '%ransverse, hairy, obtusely bilobed, muticous. Capsule compressed, orbic,dar, valves membranous, bearing septa, placentae thin. Seeds few, large, nearly orbicuIar, flattened, wingedAnnual herbs.

		i. R. major Ehrh. 0791; A. major Reichb. (18-o p.p.) (D YeRovr Rattle (iv. 470).-.3 or more, glabrous or hirsute. Leaves sessile, oblonglanceolate, crenate-dentate. Spikes ovate, dense, at length elongated, loose; bracts pale, cut into triangular., mucronate teeth; corolla yellow, .02 long, tube somewhat curved, teeth of galea ovate.-June-Aug. Meadows. Pal. HU^lah (Tr).


		Herbs destitute of green foliage, (root parasites) monopetalous, didynamous, with parietal placentae, in pairs or separate. Pod with many, minute seeds, with albumen and a very minute embryo-Calyx persistent, 4-5toothed or lobed.. CoroRa tubular, more or leSS 2-lipped, oblique, marcescent. Stamens inserted on the tube of the corolla; antherS 2-celled,