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crisp-glandular-hairy, often quite tall, spike wide, long, loose below. Bract lanceolate, subulate-acuminate, a little longer tkan coroila-tube; sepa-13 5-nerved, as long as corolla-tube, bifid. Coro-Ila bell-shaped, white striped with light pzirple, papery and brownish when dry, filaments inserted near base of corolla, pubescent at base. Stigma Ittrid.Jan.-April. FieMs and~ irrigated ground, the commonest species of the genus, on Vicia, Brvusn, Faba, etc. Leb. E. of Tripoli, Ma^r-Mitri; Dam. (PH); Coelesyr. Rayi4 (Bn. 12223); Pal. Sarada, Tiberias (PH), Jerusalem, Ramlah, Jericho, Shunem, klfilah (D), janin (Barb.), Ba^niya^s (N. exs. 732), Jaffa (BiL X 233).

		13. 0. -v-ersicoloi- F. Schultz.(I843; 0. pubescens DUrv. (1822) not Gilib. 1781) 2t Woolly B. OV. 507; H. ii. 454; M. 893)---3 tO .4, crispwhite-woolly; spikes long, rather dense. Flowers small; bract ovatelanceolate, acuminate, as lon-Y as corolla; sepalS 2-many-nerved, entire or bifid, longer than corolla-tube. Corolla somewhat woolly, yellowish-red, or lilac, short tubular-campanulate, straightish or curved, with irregularly denticulate lips, the upper nearly entire, the lower with rounded lobes; filaments inserted near base of corolla-tube, woolly below.March-May. Waste and sandy fields, on Campositae, Libiatae, Orlaya, etc. Syria

(Hn. in Bo); Pal. Nazareth (Bn. 1237).

Filaments inserted toward the middle or upper part of corolla-tube.

14. 0. minor Sm. (1797; Sutt. 0798); 0. barbata Poir. 1797'1%

		(iv. 512; H. ii. 457; M. 894; F. 722).-.o8 tO .5, glandular-hairy, stem slender. Spikes cylindrical, ustially many-flowered, bracts woollypubescent, acuminate from an ovate base, about as long as the corolla; sepals many-nerved, entire or bifid, suddenly contracted from an ovate base to a lang subulate point, about as long as the tube of the corolla. Corolla xi to o18, whiteY lilac-tinted, tubular, arched, glandularhairy without, lips obtuse, denticulate; filaments .002 tO .003 long, slightly kairy, stigma purple-violet.-April-july. Grassy places, on Coronilla, Trifoliu-ni, Cichorium, etc. Pal. Gilead (Tr), Mt. Carmel (Bn. 1238), Jerusalem (D).

		15. 0. cernua Loefl. Q758; 0. hispanica Boiss. 1839-45) U Drooping B. (iv. 514; H. ii. 448; M. 891).-.15 tO .3, minutely pruinose or glabrescent; stem thickish, scaly below. Spike dense, violet; bract many-nerved, ovatelanceolate, acute, half as long as corolla; sepals manynerved, ovate, entire or bifid, half as long as corolla. Corolla 015 lOng, glabrous, tubular, curved at middle, nodding, violet, lips small, crenate, not ciliate, the upper bilobed, the lower nearly equal-,lobed; filaments inserted above middle of tube, gtabrous.-March-july. Fields and grassy places, on. Artentisia, Nocotiana, Lycium, Xantkium, etc. Haur. Sawarat-ul-Saghir (Laja, P); Pal. Allenby br. (on Solanum and Sonckus, PH), Gilead (P), Ghawr-us-$a^fiyah (Hart), W&di-Nimrin (D), 'AeLsh (Barb.), KhAnYfinis (Bn. 1234 b); ut-Tik: Hamma (Range, 2o85, On Art. monos., Retama); Sinai: West Sinai (Kaiser); Arab. Petr. WidiTafilah (AH. 8093).

I	b. nepalensis Reut. in DC. (1847; var. deserti Beck, 18go).
scape thicker, dark-violet, angled-striate; flowers densely-spiked.