Tamir Nassar: Articles.

Nassar and Shanklin, A Method for the Silver Impregnation of Müller's Fibers in the Retina after Paraffin Embedding with a Description of the Branches of These Fibers.

Shanklin, Nassar and Issidorides, Luxol Fast Blue as a Selective Stain for Alpha Cells in the Human Pituitary

Nassar, Issidorides and Shanklin, Concentric Layers in the Granules of Human Nervous Lipofuscin Demonstrated by Silver Impregnation

Shanklin and Nassar, A Preliminary Survey of Some Cytoplasmic Constituents Stained by Luxol Fast Blue.

Nassar and Shanklin, Simplified Procedure for Staining Reticulum

George Fawwaz, Recollections of Times Gone By

George Fawwaz, Reminiscences of an alumnus: A.U.B. in the Early Thirties Its Golden Age

للدكتور اريانس كبرس الشهير، انثروبولوجية الثرق الادنى
Ariëns Kappers, The Anthropology of the Near East

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