Daniel Bliss Hall
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Daniel Bliss Hall

In 1900 Daniel Bliss Hall was completed, two years after President Bliss retired. It was President Bliss himself who made the plans for the building and supervised its construction. Originally the two upper floors served as dormitories while classrooms were on the lower floor. There was a gymnasium on the second floor. The new building marked a great change in the lives of the Prep and Section Secondaire (later International College) students as they graduated and moved to the other side of the Campus. They were now college men, but they did not give up their high school antics. Living conditions in Bliss Hall were harsh with no central heating, but the students took it all in their stride. Now it is different. The building has been renovated. It seems to have undergone surgery, both internal and plastic. There is a new space arrangement-- offices, classrooms, reading rooms, computer labs--and the amenities are provided. Gone are the wooden framed windows--replaced by aluminium; the brown stone has been cleaned; the walls white-washed; everything looks well-scrubbed.

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