Marquand House
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  Marquand House

Named after Frederick Marquand. A house for the president had been among the early plans for construction, but funds did not become available for it until 1877. Then Mr. Frederick Marquand donated $5,000 for that purpose; but because of the Russo-Turkish War which threatened for a time to involve England, Mr. Marquand requested a postponement of construction. The work was delayed until after the peace treaty of San Stephano was signed in 1878. Then "Marquand House", as it is still known, was created and occupied by the Daniel Bilss family in 1880. President Bliss tendered his resignation in 1901 to become effective in 1902. His son Howard S. Bliss was appointed President in 1902, and became the second President to live in Marquand House. The Presidents who followed were Bayard Dodge, Howard Bliss's son in law, (1923-1948), Stephen B. L. Penrose (1948-1950), J. Paul Leonard 1957-1961), Norman Burns (1961-1965), Samuel B. Kirkwood (1965-1976), Harold E. Hoelscher (1977-1981), Malcom H. Kerr (1982-1984). Calvin H. Plimpton 1984-1987) was the last President to live in Marquand House. Following Plimpton, the Presidents did not come to live in Beirut.

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